Economic Matters Committee (2/22/2019)

Meeting Items

Number Title Sponsor Status
HB0088 Criminal Law - Alcohol Offenses - Civil Offenses (Decriminalization of Petty Nonviolent Offenses Act) Del Charkoudian, et al Completed
HB0480 Alcoholic Beverages - Maryland Brewery Promotion Program - Establishment Del Luedtke, et al Completed
HB0508 Alcoholic Beverages - Prohibited Acts - Defense to Prosecution for Sale to Underage Individuals Del Brooks, et al Completed
HB0549 Alcoholic Beverages - Class 1 Distillery License - On-Site Consumption Permit Del Lisanti, et al Completed
HB0550 Alcoholic Beverages - Class 9 Limited Distillery License - On-Premises Consumption Permit Del Lisanti, et al Completed
HB0551 Alcoholic Beverages - Distilleries - Farmers' Markets and Other Events Del Lisanti, et al Completed
HB0666 Alcoholic Beverages - Nonprofit Beer, Wine, and Liquor Festival Permit - Retail Off-Site Permit Del Lisanti Completed
HB1010 Brewery Modernization Act of 2019 Del Atterbeary, et al Completed
HB1052 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Motor Fuel Commission Del Miller (By Request) Completed
HB1077 Talbot County - Alcoholic Beverages - Election Days Talbot County Delegation Completed
HB1080 Alcoholic Beverages - Beer Franchise Agreements - Notice of Nonrenewal or Termination Del Krimm, et al Completed