Judiciary Committee (2/4/2020)

Meeting Items

Number Title Sponsor Status
HB0261 Criminal Procedure - Charging Procedures and Documents - Citation Del Dumais Completed
HB0262 Criminal Procedure - Examination of Defendant by Maryland Department of Health - Access to Judicial Records Chr JUD (Dept) Completed
HB0278 Criminal Law - Misconduct in Office The Spkr (Off of the State Prsctr), et al Completed
HB0283 Criminal Law - Kratom - Prohibition Del Kerr, et al Completed
HB0301 Public Safety - Task Force on Missing Persons Del Proctor, et al Completed
HB0320 Criminal Law - Exploitation of Vulnerable Adult or Elderly Individual - Undue Influence Del Shetty, et al Next
HB0323 Criminal Procedure - Petition to Modify or Reduce Sentence (Maryland Second Look Act) Del Barron, et al Current
HB0355 State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy - Annual Report - Crimes of Violence (The Judicial Transparency Act of 2020) The Spkr (Admin), et al Completed
HB0357 Crimes - Victim and Witness Intimidation - Penalties and Procedures The Spkr (Admin), et al Completed
HB0356 Crimes - Firearms - Penalties and Procedures (Violent Firearms Offender Act of 2020) The Spkr (Admin), et al Completed
HB0358 Victim's Rights - Restitution The Spkr (Admin), et al Completed