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Article - Alcoholic Beverages

§1–313.    NOT IN EFFECT

    ** TAKES EFFECT JUNE 1, 2020 PER CHAPTER 12 OF 2019 **

    (a)    There is a Field Enforcement Division in the Office of the Executive Director.

    (b)    (1)    The Field Enforcement Division may employ officers and employees as provided in the State budget.

        (2)    The officers and employees of the Field Enforcement Division:

            (i)    shall be sworn police officers;

            (ii)    shall have the powers, duties, and responsibilities of peace officers to enforce the provisions of this article relating to:

                1.    the unlawful importation of alcoholic beverages into the State;

                2.    the unlawful manufacture of alcoholic beverages in the State;

                3.    the transportation and distribution throughout the State of alcoholic beverages that are manufactured illegally and on which any alcoholic beverages taxes imposed by the State are due and unpaid; and

                4.    the manufacture, sale, barter, transportation, distribution, or other form of owning, handling, or dispersing alcoholic beverages by any person not licensed or authorized under this article or provisions of the Tax – General Article relating to alcoholic beverages; and

            (iii)    may make cooperative arrangements for and work and cooperate with local State’s Attorneys, sheriffs, bailiffs, police, and other prosecuting and peace officers to enforce this article.

    (c)    The Field Enforcement Division:

        (1)    shall consult with and advise the local State’s Attorneys and other law enforcement officials and police officers regarding enforcement problems in their respective jurisdictions; and

        (2)    may recommend changes to improve the administration of this article and provisions of the Tax – General Article relating to alcoholic beverages.