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Statutes Text

Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    The director shall appoint all of the Board’s inspectors.

    (b)    An inspector:

        (1)    has all the powers of a peace officer or sheriff in the State arising out of or relating to the enforcement of this article;

        (2)    may issue a civil citation under § 26–2603 of this title; and

        (3)    has the authority to order that an unlicensed establishment be closed immediately under § 26–2501 of this title.

    (c)    An inspector shall:

        (1)    visit and inspect periodically every licensed premises; and

        (2)    carry out other duties that the Board requires.

    (d)    Inspectors are subject to the restrictions under:

        (1)    § 26–202(c) and (d) of this subtitle regarding direct and indirect interests of members of the Board in alcoholic beverages activities and soliciting or transmitting political contributions for the benefit of a candidate or political committee; and

        (2)    § 26–205(d) of this subtitle requiring an employee to devote full time to the business of the Board, prohibiting certain activities, and requiring removal for violation of those requirements and prohibitions.

    (e)    An inspector shall take the oath required by Article I, § 9 of the Maryland Constitution.

    (f)    (1)    There are up to three full–time inspectors and up to 24 part–time inspectors of the Board as provided in the county budget.

        (2)    To be a full–time or part–time inspector, an individual shall be a resident of the county.

        (3)    (i)    From the full–time inspectors, the Board shall designate annually a chief inspector and two deputy chief inspectors.

            (ii)    Under the direction of the Board, the chief inspector shall regulate the duties, hours, and assignments of the inspectors.

        (4)    The full–time inspectors who are certified by the personnel director as meeting the standards that the county merit board sets out are included in the county merit system.

    (g)    A part–time inspector shall receive a salary as provided in the county budget.