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Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    This section does not apply to a Class 4 limited winery that brings wine or pomace brandy manufactured on its licensed premises onto a retail licensed premises if:

        (1)    the wine or pomace brandy is being provided for a promotional activity conducted by the limited winery, a retail license holder, an alcoholic beverages trade association, or a nonprofit organization;

        (2)    a representative of the limited winery or a trade association representing Maryland wineries is present at all times during the promotional activity;

        (3)    the limited winery or winery trade association complies with any regulations that the Comptroller adopts relating to on–premises promotions and product sampling;

        (4)    the limited winery or winery trade association has advance written permission of the retail license holder to bring wine products on the retail licensed premises for the promotional activity; and

        (5)    all unopened or partially consumed containers of wine and pomace brandy are removed from the retail licensed premises at the end of the promotional activity.

    (b)    A license holder may not allow an individual to consume on the licensed premises an alcoholic beverage that is:

        (1)    not purchased on the premises from the license holder; and

        (2)    not otherwise allowed by this article to be consumed on the premises.