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Statutes Text

Article - Local Government


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Official action” means a phase of the process in which a public agency in St. Mary’s County makes a decision or recommendation, including receipt of information and deliberation.

    (c)    (1)    “Public agency” means:

            (i)    a governmental unit of St. Mary’s County, including an advisory or quasi–judicial agency, that is:

                1.    supported in any part by public money; or

                2.    authorized to spend public money; and

            (ii)    the St. Mary’s County Board of Education.

        (2)    “Public agency” includes a subcommittee or other subordinate unit of a governmental unit listed in paragraph (1) of this subsection.

        (3)    “Public agency” does not include:

            (i)    a grand jury;

            (ii)    a petit jury;

            (iii)    a law enforcement agency; or

            (iv)    the judicial branch.

    (d)    “Public agency meeting” means the convening of a quorum of the constituent membership of a public agency to deliberate or act on a matter under the supervision, control, jurisdiction, or advisory power of the public agency.

    (e)    “Quorum”, unless otherwise defined by applicable law, means a simple majority of the constituent membership of a public agency.

    (f)    “Staff meeting” means a meeting of three or more staff members of one or more public agencies.