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Statutes Text

Article - Public Safety


    (a)    The Executive Director shall establish procedures for local law enforcement agencies to apply for money from the Fund.

    (b)    A local law enforcement agency that applies for money from the Fund shall provide the Executive Director with the following information:

        (1)    the number of violent crime incidents committed within the jurisdiction of the local law enforcement agency for the last 2 years;

        (2)    the current number of sworn officers;

        (3)    the current number of sworn officers not assigned protective body armor;

        (4)    the number and age of protective body armor units currently in use by the local law enforcement agency;

        (5)    the number of protective body armor units requested:

            (i)    for officers not currently assigned protective body armor; and

            (ii)    for officers assigned protective body armor in need of replacement due to age or wear;

        (6)    the regulations of the local law enforcement agency that relate to the use of protective body armor;

        (7)    the local law enforcement agency’s budget request for supplies and equipment for the current and last 2 fiscal years; and

        (8)    any other information that the Executive Director considers necessary to make grants for protective body armor.