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Article - Public Utilities


    (a)    In connection with a project that may require excavation or demolition, a designer may initiate a ticket request by notifying the one–call system serving the geographic area covering the planned project.

    (b)    A designer initiating a ticket request under this section:

        (1)    may initiate only one ticket request for a single project; and

        (2)    shall, in connection with a ticket request:

            (i)    indicate that the request is for design purposes only and may not be used for the purpose of excavation or demolition;

            (ii)    notify the one–call system of any owner–members from which the designer does not require underground facilities information; and

            (iii)    on the request of an owner–member, provide the owner–member with a preliminary drawing that indicates the scope of the project.

    (c)    (1)    Within 15 business days after receiving notice from a one–call system that a designer has made a request under this section, an owner–member of an underground facility in the area of the project shall notify the designer of the type and approximate location of the underground facility.

        (2)    An owner–member may provide notice of the approximate location of an underground facility through the use of:

            (i)    field locates;

            (ii)    maps;

            (iii)    surveys;

            (iv)    installation records; or

            (v)    other similar means.

    (d)    (1)    Information provided to a designer under this section is for informational purposes only.

        (2)    An owner–member or agent of an owner–member may not be held liable for any inaccurate information provided to a designer under this section.