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About Committees

Much of the legislature’s work is done by its committees. Committees include standing committees, statutory committees, special committees, and select committees (commonly known as county or regional delegations). Special committees are usually temporary and go out of existence when their purposes have been fulfilled.

The Department of Legislative Services assigns to the committees policy analysts who generally facilitate and support the work of the committees, including reviewing and analyzing legislation to identify legal and policy issues and drafting amendments, floor reports, and other informational documents to assist the chairs and members of the committees.

Assistants to the Chair are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Committee office throughout the year.

Committee List

Senate StandingHouse StandingSenate SpecialHouse SpecialSenate SelectHouse DelegationStatutoryJointSpecial JointOther

Senate StandingChair Vice ChairContact
Budget and TaxationKasemeyer, Edward J.Madaleno, Richard S., Jr.Contact Committee Chair
Education, Health, and Environmental AffairsConway, Joan CarterPinsky, Paul G.Contact Committee Chair
Executive NominationsFerguson, BillKelley, Delores G.Contact Committee Chair
FinanceMiddleton, Thomas M.Astle, John C.Contact Committee Chair
Judicial ProceedingsZirkin, Bobby A.Kelley, Delores G.Contact Committee Chair
RulesKlausmeier, KatherineDeGrange, James E., Sr.Contact Committee Chair

House StandingChair Vice ChairContact
AppropriationsMcIntosh, MaggieGaines, Tawanna P.Contact Committee Chair
Economic MattersDavis, Dereck E.Jameson, SallyContact Committee Chair
Environment and TransportationBarve, Kumar P.Stein, DanaContact Committee Chair
Health and Government OperationsPendergrass, Shane E.Bromwell, Eric M.Contact Committee Chair
Rules and Executive NominationsHealey, AnneWalker, JayContact Committee Chair
JudiciaryVallario, Joseph F., Jr.Dumais, Kathleen M.Contact Committee Chair
Ways and MeansKaiser, Anne R.Turner, Frank S.Contact Committee Chair

Senate SpecialChair Vice ChairContact
Special Committee on Substance Abuse

House SpecialChair Vice ChairContact
Regional Revitalization Work GroupLafferty, Stephen W.Contact Committee Chair
Special Committee on Drug and Alcohol AbuseWaldstreicher, JeffContact Committee Chair

Senate SelectChair Vice ChairContact
No. 1 - Allegany, Garrett, and Washington CountiesEdwards, George C.Contact Committee Chair
No. 2 - Carroll and Frederick CountiesReady, JustinContact Committee Chair
No. 3 - Harford CountyCassilly, RobertContact Committee Chair
No. 4 - Baltimore CountyBrochin, JamesContact Committee Chair
No. 5 - Howard CountyGuzzone, GuyContact Committee Chair
No. 6 - Montgomery CountyKing, Nancy J.Contact Committee Chair
No. 7 - Prince George's CountyRosapepe, JimContact Committee Chair
No. 8 - Charles, St. Mary's, and Calvert CountiesMiddleton, Thomas M.Contact Committee Chair
No. 9 - Anne Arundel CountyAstle, John C.Contact Committee Chair
No. 10 - Eastern ShoreMathias, James N., Jr.Contact Committee Chair
No. 11 - Baltimore CityConway, Joan CarterContact Committee Chair

House DelegationChair Vice ChairContact
AlleganyBuckel, Jason C.Contact Committee Chair
Anne ArundelCarey, NedContact Committee Chair
Baltimore CityGlenn, Cheryl D.Contact Committee Chair
Baltimore CountyLafferty, Stephen W.Contact Committee Chair
CalvertFisher, Mark N.Contact Committee Chair
CarolineGhrist, Jefferson L.Contact Committee Chair
CarrollShoemaker, HavenContact Committee Chair
CecilHornberger, Kevin B.Contact Committee Chair
CharlesPatterson, Edith J.Contact Committee Chair
DorchesterAdams, Christopher T.Contact Committee Chair
Eastern ShoreOtto, Charles J.Contact Committee Chair
FrederickFolden, William G.Contact Committee Chair
GarrettBeitzel, Wendell R.Contact Committee Chair
HarfordReilly, Teresa E.Contact Committee Chair
HowardHill, Terri L.Contact Committee Chair
KentJacobs, Jay A.Contact Committee Chair
MontgomeryRobinson, ShaneContact Committee Chair
Prince George'sWalker, JayContact Committee Chair
Queen Anne'sArentz, Steven J.Contact Committee Chair
St. Mary'sRey, Deborah C.Contact Committee Chair
SomersetOtto, Charles J.Contact Committee Chair
Southern MarylandJameson, SallyContact Committee Chair
TalbotMautz, JohnnyContact Committee Chair
WashingtonParrott, NeilContact Committee Chair
Western MarylandBeitzel, Wendell R.Contact Committee Chair
WicomicoAnderton, Carl, Jr.Contact Committee Chair
WorcesterCarozza, Mary BethContact Committee Chair

StatutoryChair Vice ChairContact
Legislative Policy CommitteeMiller, Thomas V. Mike, Jr. and Busch, Michael E.Contact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review (AELR)Manno, Roger and Rosenberg, Samuel I.Contact Committee Chair
Spending Affordability CommitteeManno, Roger and Barnes, BenContact Committee Chair
Joint Audit CommitteeZucker, Craig J. and Frick, C. WilliamContact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Behavioral Health and Opioid Use DisordersKlausmeier, Katherine and Bromwell, Eric M.Contact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical AreaMathias, James N., Jr. and Stein, DanaContact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Children, Youth, and FamiliesKing, Nancy J. and Kelly, Ariana B.Contact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Cybersecurity, Information Technology and BiotechnologyRosapepe, Jim and Frick, C. WilliamContact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Ending HomelessnessMadaleno, Richard S., Jr. and Washington, Mary L.Contact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Fair Practices and State Personnel OversightMuse, C. Anthony and Jones, Adrienne A.Contact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Federal RelationsFeldman, Brian J. and Carr, Alfred C., Jr.Contact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Gaming OversightKing, Nancy J. and Turner, Frank S.Contact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Legislative EthicsDeGrange, James E., Sr. and Jones, Adrienne A.Contact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Legislative Information Technology and Open GovernmentPeters, Douglas J. J. and Clippinger, LukeContact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on the Management of Public FundsKagan, Cheryl C. and Gutierrez, Ana SolContact Committee Chair
Joint Committee on Unemployment Insurance OversightMiddleton, Thomas M. and Glenn, Cheryl D.Contact Committee Chair
Worker's Compensation Benefit and Insurance Oversight CommitteeKlausmeier, Katherine and Valderrama, KriseldaContact Committee Chair

JointChair Vice ChairContact
Joint Committee on Investigation
Joint Committee on ProtocolBenson, Joanne C., Edwards, George C. and Frush, BarbaraContact Committee Chair

Special JointChair Vice ChairContact
Joint Committee on PensionsGuzzone, Guy and Barnes, BenContact Committee Chair
Joint Subcommittee on Program Open Space/Agricultural Land PreservationYoung, Ronald N. and Gilchrist, JimContact Committee Chair

OtherChair Vice ChairContact
Assessment and Funding of School Facilities, Workgroup on the
Innovation and Excellence in Education, Commission onKirwan, Dr. William (Brit)
Maryland Financial Consumer Protection CommissionGary Gensler
Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection CommissionFeldman, Brian J. and Pena-Melnyk, Joseline A.Contact Committee Chair
Maryland Open Transportation Investment Decision Act, Workgroup on theGuzzone, Guy and Beidle, PamelaContact Committee Chair
Restore Trust in Policing, Commission toJudge Alex Williams
State Alcohol Regulation, Enforcement, Safety, and Public Health, Task Force to StudyPoole, D. Bruce
2020 Census Grant Program Panel
Workplace Harassment CommissionJeanne Hitchcock
Tax Credit Evaluation CommitteeMadaleno, Richard S., Jr. and Walker, JayContact Committee Chair

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