Executive Nominations

2018 Regular Session

Weekly Schedule - Published March 15, 2018

Senator Bill Ferguson, Chair
Senator Delores G. Kelley, Vice Chair

William Amoss Hearing Room, Miller Senate Office Building, Annapolis, MD 21401


monday march 19, 2018

                                  5:00 p.m.

    Subject: The following nominees are scheduled to appear for

        Education Development Collaborative, Governing Board of
           the Maryland
           Ashley Rogers Berner, Ph.D., Baltimore City, District 43
           Barbara Rowland Davidson, Montgomery County, District 15
           Lombuso S. Khoza, Ph.D., Wicomico County, District 38

        Lottery and Gaming Control Commission, State
           Bert J. Hash, Jr., Howard County, District 9
           Eric M. Johnson, Montgomery County, District 15

        Morgan State University Board of Regents
           Hamidah O. Famuditimi, Baltimore County, District 11

        Racing Commission, State
           R. Thomas Bowman, D.V.M., Kent County, District 36

        Women, Maryland Commission for
           Evelyne S. Steward, Montgomery County, District 17

    Subject: The following nominees are not required to appear for

        Amusement Ride Safety Advisory Board, State
           Samantha B. La Mell, Esq., Baltimore County, District 7

        Appalachian States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission
           Clifford Seth Mitchell, M.D., Baltimore City, District 46
           Albert J. Romanosky, M.D., Ph.D., Anne Arundel County, District 41

        Archaeology, Advisory Committee on
           Joy D. Beasley, Baltimore City, District 44
           C. Jane Cox, Anne Arundel County, District 33
           Donald G. Housley, Jr., Montgomery County, District 17
           Bruce G. Terrell

        Architects, State Board of
           Gary R. Ey, Harford County, District 7
           Cynthia E. Shonaiaya, Baltimore County, District 44

        Center for School Safety, Governing Board of the Maryland
           Elizabeth Watson Ray, Harford County, District 34

        Certified Interior Designers, State Board of
           Sarah J. Koontz, Baltimore County, District 42

        Community Health Resources Commission, Maryland
           Anthony Carroll Wisniewski, Esq., Howard County, District 9

        Heritage Areas Authority, Maryland
           Thomas C. Bradshaw, Dorchester County, District 37
           Lisa Challenger, Worcester County, District 38
           Janice Hayes-Williams, Anne Arundel County, District 32

        Historic St. Mary's City Commission
           Michael J. Dougherty, St. Mary's County, District 29
           Margaret McFarland, Esq., Montgomery County, District 20

        Infants and Toddlers, Interagency Coordinating Council for
           Roikensha Craig, Prince George's County, District 23
           Abila Tazanu, M.D., Prince George's County, District 23

        Landscape Architects, Board of Examiners of
           Grace Fielder, Montgomery County, District 20
           David H. O'Dell, Baltimore County, District 12

        Lottery and Gaming Control Commission, State
           F. Vernon Boozer, Baltimore County, District 42

        Plumbing, State Board of
           Keith R. Horton, Baltimore City, District 45

        Police Training and Standards Commission, Maryland
           Allison M. Ehart, Howard County, District 9
           Marcus E. Pollock, Baltimore City, District 43

        Port Commission, Maryland
           Brenda A. Dandy, Baltimore County, District 42
           Walter A. Tilley, Jr., Harford County, District 7

        Psychologists, State Board of
           Linda Berg-Cross, Ph.D., Montgomery County, District 15

        School for the Deaf, Board of Trustees of the Maryland
           Kristina L. Walker, Montgomery County, District 15

        Stadium Authority, Maryland
           Thomas E. Kelso, Baltimore City, District 43

        Technology Development Corporation Board of Directors,
           Myra W. Norton, Baltimore County, District 42

        Veterans' Home Commission, Maryland
           Gloria J. Larman, Calvert County, District 27

        Youth Camp Safety, Advisory Council on
           Janet Rose, Kent County, District 36
           Meena Suri, Montgomery County, District 14

        Anne Arundel Community College Board of Trustees
           James H. Johnson, Jr., Ph.D., Anne Arundel County, District 33

        Calvert County Board of Electrical Examiners and Supervisors
           David L. Swann, Calvert County, District 27

        Calvert County Board of License Commissioners
           John Herman Smack, Calvert County, District 27

        Garrett College Board of Trustees
           Brenda E. McCartney, Ed.D., Garrett County, District 1
           Linda S. Sherbin, Garrett County, District 1

        Garrett County License Commissioners
           Lisa M. Herman, Garrett County, District 1

        Montgomery College Board of Trustees
           Michael J. Knapp, Montgomery County, District 39
           Frieda K. Lacey, Montgomery County, District 19

        Prince George's Community College Board of Trustees
           Samuel J. Parker, Jr., Prince George's County, District 22
           Rita L. Robinson, Ph.D., Prince George's County, District 27
           C. Michael Walls, Esq., Prince George's County, District 21

        St. Mary's County Alcohol Beverage Board
           Kevin M. Hall, St. Mary's County, District 29

        St. Mary's County Board of Elections
           John Edward Payne, St. Mary's County, District 29

        Talbot County Board of Elections
           Wadella Chase Thomas, Talbot County, District 37

        Wicomico County Board of License Commissioners
           James Allen, Wicomico County, District 37
           Aline K. Kenney, Wicomico County, District 38

        Worcester County Board of License Commissioners
           Reese F. Cropper, III, Worcester County, District 38

  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT: Kacey Smith or George Butler,
      Department of Legislative Services
              Telephone: 410-946-5217

March 17, 2018 1:30 P.M.