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Delegate Robert L. Flanagan

2018 Regular Session

District 9B, Howard County

Delegate Robert L. Flanagan
Annapolis Address:430 House Office Building
6 Bladen Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone: 410-841-3077 | 301-858-3077 | Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3077
Fax: 410-841-3241 | 301-858-3241
Interim Address:4725 Dorsey Hall Road
Suite A, #204
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Contact:Contact Online or send email to:
Tenure:Member of the House of Delegates January 14, 1987 to February 28, 2003, representing District 14B, Howard and Montgomery Counties, and District 9A, Howard County. Elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 2014. Sworn in January 14, 2015.
Current Assignments:2015- Environment and Transportation Committee
2015- Land Use and Ethics Subcommittee of the Environment and Transportation Committee
2015- Motor Vehicles and Transportation Subcommittee of the Environment and Transportation Committee
2015- Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive, and Legislative review (AELR)
2015- Regional Revitalization Work Group
2015- Maryland Veterans Caucus
Party Affiliation:Republican

May 1, 2018 4:00 P.M.