Criminal Procedure (gcp)

2017 Regular Session

Total Entries: 178

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
1-201amendedHB0043, HB0046
1-203(a)(3) amendedHB1407
1-203.1amendedSB0878, HB0917
1-203.1(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0998
1-203.1(a)(5) amendedHB0998
1-203.1(b)(1) without amendmentsHB0998
1-203.1(e) amendedHB0998
2-208without amendmentsHB1343 / CH0309
2-208.6addedHB1343 / CH0309
3-105(b) amendedSB0958, HB0881
3-106(a) amendedSB0958, HB0881
3-106(a) without amendmentsSB0691, HB0650
3-106(b) amendedSB0691, HB0650
3-107(a) amendedSB0958, HB0881
3-112amendedSB0691, HB0650
4-101(a) without amendmentsSB0477, HB0408
4-101(c) amendedSB0477, HB0408
4-202repealedSB0215, HB0471
4-202.1repealedSB0215, HB0471
4-202.2repealedSB0215, HB0471
4-204(b) amendedSB0958, HB0881
5-101amendedSB0880, SB0983, HB1215, HB1390
5-101(c) amendedSB0958, HB0881
5-103addedSB0835, HB1215, HB1280, HB1362
5-201amendedSB0880, SB0983, HB1218, HB1390
5-201(a) amendedSB0219
5-201(c) addedHB0625
5-201(c) addedSB0080
5-201.1addedSB0879, HB1157, HB1215, HB1318
5-202amendedSB0880, HB1218, HB1390
5-205amendedSB0879, SB0880, HB1157, HB1390
5-205(a) amendedHB1218
5-205(e) addedHB1218
5-206amendedSB0880, HB1390
5-207amendedSB0879, HB1157, HB1218
5-215amendedSB0933, HB0325
6-220(d)(3) amendedSB0944 / CH0161
6-222(a) amendedSB0944 / CH0161, HB0647 / CH0162
6-223amendedSB0879, HB1157
6-224(a) without amendmentsSB0879, HB1157
6-224(b) amendedSB0879, HB1157
6-224(d) amendedSB0879, HB1157
6-234addedSB0727, SB1066, HB0992, HB1424
7-101amendedSB0958, HB0881
7-103(b) amendedSB0958, HB0881
7-107(b) amendedSB0958, HB0881
7-201through 7-204 addedSB0958, HB0881
8-108addedSB0958, HB0881
8-201amendedSB0677, HB1411
8-301(a) amendedSB0675, HB1393
8-301(a) without amendmentsSB0348 / CH0799, HB0593 / CH0800
8-301(b) amendedHB1393
8-301(f) without amendmentsSB0348 / CH0799, HB0593 / CH0800
8-301(g) without amendmentsSB0348 / CH0799, HB0593 / CH0800
8-301(h) addedSB0348 / CH0799, HB0593 / CH0800
8-302amendedSB0480, HB0502
8-401amendedSB0810, HB0755
10-105amendedSB0949 / CH0801, HB0379, HB0840, HB1237
10-105(a) amendedSB0445
10-105(a) without amendmentsHB0374
10-105(c)(1) amendedSB0510
10-105(e) amendedHB0374
10-105(e)(2) amendedSB0510
10-110(a) amendedSB0774, HB0836 / CH0703, HB1418
10-110(a)(8) amendedSB0949 / CH0801, HB0379
10-110(b) amendedHB1418
10-110(c) amendedHB0836 / CH0703
10-110(c)(2) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
10-201(a) without amendmentsSB1025, HB1525
10-201(g) amendedSB1025, HB1525
10-203amendedSB1025, HB1525
10-215(a)(20) amendedSB0215, HB0471
10-216(d) amendedSB0215, HB0471
11-101(a) without amendmentsSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-101(f) addedSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-104(a)(4) without amendmentsSB0934, HB1526 / CH0622
11-104(a)(5) without amendmentsSB0934, HB1526 / CH0622
11-104(b) without amendmentsSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-105addedSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-107(a) without amendmentsSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-107(e) amendedSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-107(f) amendedSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-109amendedSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-110amendedSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-110.1addedSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-112(a) amendedSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-113(a) amendedSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-117amendedSB0781 / CH0485, HB1375 / CH0486
11-304(a) without amendmentsHB0483
11-304(b) amendedSB0944 / CH0161
11-304(b) without amendmentsHB0483
11-304(c) amendedHB0483
11-402(e)(1) without amendmentsSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-402(e)(6) amendedSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-404addedSB0958, HB0881
11-502repealedSB0934, HB1526 / CH0622
11-505amendedSB0934, HB1526 / CH0622
11-616(b) amendedSB0655, HB0895
11-701(a) without amendmentsSB0944 / CH0161, HB0647 / CH0162
11-701(j) amendedSB0944 / CH0161, HB0647 / CH0162
11-701(q) amendedSB0944 / CH0161, HB0647 / CH0162
11-704(c) amendedSB0944 / CH0161, HB0647 / CH0162
11-704.1amendedSB0944 / CH0161, HB0647 / CH0162
11-704.3addedSB0223, HB0277
11-705(h) amendedHB0521 / CH0649
11-706amendedSB0223, HB0277
11-721amendedSB0223, HB0277
11-723(a) amendedSB0944 / CH0161, HB0647 / CH0162
11-801(a) without amendmentsHB0295 / CH0671
11-801(b) without amendmentsHB0295 / CH0671
11-801(c) without amendmentsHB0295 / CH0671
11-801(d) amendedHB0295 / CH0671
11-801(f) addedHB1428
11-801(f) amendedHB1428
11-804(a) amendedHB1428
11-804(b)(3) amendedHB1428
11-804(d) amendedHB1428
11-805(a) amendedHB1428
11-810amendedSB0022 / CH0007
11-811amendedSB0022 / CH0007
11-815(c) amendedHB1428
11-914(1) without amendmentsSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-914(2) without amendmentsSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-914(3) without amendmentsSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-914(9) amendedSB0976, HB1163 / CH0643
11-922amendedSB0944 / CH0161
11-923amendedSB0734 / CH0659, HB1209
11-926addedHB0255 / CH0159
11-926amendedSB0349 / CH0158, HB1076
11-926without amendmentsSB1094, HB1141
11-927addedSB0734 / CH0659, SB1094, HB1141, HB1209
11-929addedSB0616, HB1208
11-930addedSB0616, HB1208
11-1101through 11-1105 addedHB1428
11-1101through 11-1111 addedSB0084
15-102without amendmentsSB0879, HB1157
15-102.1addedSB0879, HB1157
15-403(a) without amendmentsSB1136, HB1179
15-403(b) amendedSB1136, HB1179
15-403.1addedSB0409, HB1403
15-407(a) without amendmentsSB0456 / CH0437
15-407(b)(1) amendedSB0456 / CH0437
15-411(a) without amendmentsSB0827, HB1182 / CH0495
15-411(b) amendedHB1182 / CH0495
15-411(b)(1) amendedSB0827
15-419(a) without amendmentsSB0298 / CH0428, HB0682
15-419(b) amendedSB0298 / CH0428, HB0682
15-420(a) without amendmentsSB0246, HB0439 / CH0734
15-420(b) amendedSB0246, HB0439 / CH0734
16-101(a) without amendmentsHB1231
16-101(f) without amendmentsHB1231
16-204amendedHB0839, HB1231
16-208transferred to be Article - State Government { 9-3301 HB1231
16-210amendedSB0714 / CH0606

November 28, 2017 1:23 P.M.