Health Occupations (gho)

2018 Regular Session

Total Entries: 229

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
1-212.1addedSB1028 / CH0685, HB0902
1-220amendedSB0711 / CH0569
1-223amendedSB0522 / CH0216, HB0653 / CH0215
1-224addedSB0950, HB0600, HB0922 / CH0211, HB1266, HB1802
1-301amendedSB1024, HB1519
1-301(c)(2)(viii)3. amendedSB0812 / CH0012
1-302(a) without amendmentsSB1024, HB1519
1-302(b) without amendmentsSB1024, HB1519
1-302(c) without amendmentsSB1024, HB1519
1-302(d)(11) amendedSB1024, HB1519
1-302(d)(12) amendedSB1024, HB1519
1-302(d)(13) addedSB1024, HB1519
1-302(e) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
1-302(e) without amendmentsSB1024, HB1519
1-302.1addedSB1024, HB1519
1-303without amendmentsSB1024, HB1519
1-604amendedSB0950, HB1266
1-801(d)(6) amendedHB1430
2-202(c) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
2-308.1addedHB0168 / CH0103
2-315(c) amendedHB0167
3-101amendedSB0062 / CH0658
3-301amendedSB0062 / CH0658
3-302amendedSB0062 / CH0658
3-302.1amendedSB0062 / CH0658
3-305.1addedSB0062 / CH0658
3-306amendedSB0062 / CH0658
4-101amendedSB1256, HB0070, HB1726
4-101(h)(2)(xi) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
4-101(l) amendedHB0438
4-103(d)(1) amendedHB0438
4-301amendedSB1256, HB0070, HB0438
4-302(d) amendedSB0934 / CH0711, HB0800 / CH0710
4-306(a) without amendmentsSB0934 / CH0711, HB0800 / CH0710
4-306.1addedSB0934 / CH0711, HB0800 / CH0710
4-315(a)(34) amendedHB0438
4-315(a)(35) amendedHB0438
4-315(a)(35) without amendmentsSB0522 / CH0216, HB0653 / CH0215
4-315(a)(36) addedHB0438
4-321addedHB0438, HB0652
4-601amendedSB1256, HB0070, HB0438, HB1726
4-602without amendmentsHB0438
4-606amendedSB1256, HB0070, HB0438, HB0652, HB1726
4-6A-01through 4-6A-24 addedSB0544
5-312(f) amendedHB0167
6-202(b)(1) amendedHB0166
6-206(b) amendedHB0166
6-301through 6-303 amendedHB0166
6-301without amendmentsHB1598 / CH0797
6-302amendedHB1598 / CH0797
6-306.1addedHB1598 / CH0797
6-308(a)(8) amendedHB0166
6-308(a)(9) amendedHB0166
6-308(b) amendedHB0166
6-311(a) amendedHB0166
6-311(d) amendedHB0166
6-311(f) amendedHB0166
6-3A-01through 6-3A-13 addedHB0166
6-401(a) amendedHB0166
6-401(c) amendedHB0166
6-405amendedHB0309 / CH0070
6-502(a) amendedHB0166
6-502(c) amendedHB0166
6-504(a) amendedHB0166
8-101(a) without amendmentsSB0698, HB0863 / CH0483
8-101(b) without amendmentsSB0698, HB0863 / CH0483
8-101(c) without amendmentsSB0698, HB0863 / CH0483
8-101(k) addedSB0698, HB0863 / CH0483
8-101(k) amendedSB0698, HB0863 / CH0483
8-101(l) through (p) renumbered to be (n) through (r)SB0698, HB0863 / CH0483
8-101(m) addedSB0698
8-202(c) without amendmentsSB0811 / CH0011
8-302.1(e) addedHB0863 / CH0483
8-302.1(f) addedHB0863 / CH0483
8-312(a) without amendmentsSB0698
8-312(c) without amendmentsSB0008 / CH0656
8-312(d) amendedSB0008 / CH0656
8-312(h) addedSB0698
8-316(a)(36) without amendmentsSB0522 / CH0216, HB0653 / CH0215
8-317(a) amendedSB0008 / CH0656
8-317(c) amendedHB0167
8-317(g) repealedSB0008 / CH0656
8-317(h) amendedSB0008 / CH0656
8-504amendedSB0008 / CH0656
8-506repealedSB0008 / CH0656
8-512(a)(2) amendedHB1430
8-513addedSB0698, HB0863 / CH0483
8-6A-08(c) without amendmentsSB0008 / CH0656
8-6A-08(f) amendedSB0008 / CH0656
8-6A-10.1(a) amendedSB0008 / CH0656
8-6A-10.1(c) amendedHB0167
8-6A-10.1(g) repealedSB0008 / CH0656
8-6A-10.1(h) amendedSB0008 / CH0656
8-6A-13(a) amendedSB0008 / CH0656
8-6A-13(h) addedSB0008 / CH0656
8-6A-13(i) addedSB0008 / CH0656
8-6B-19(c) amendedHB0167
8-6C-03amendedSB1114 / CH0529, HB1437 / CH0528
8-6C-04(a)(21) addedSB1114 / CH0529, HB1437 / CH0528
8-6C-04(a)(21) repealedSB1114 / CH0529, HB1437 / CH0528
8-6C-07(a)(1) amendedSB1114 / CH0529, HB1437 / CH0528
8-6C-08(f)(2)(ii) amendedSB1114 / CH0529, HB1437 / CH0528
8-6C-09amendedSB1114 / CH0529, HB1437 / CH0528
8-6C-10(a) amendedSB1114 / CH0529, HB1437 / CH0528
8-6C-13(b) amendedSB1114 / CH0529, HB1437 / CH0528
8-6C-23repealedSB0008 / CH0656
8-7A-01amendedSB0008 / CH0656
10-302amendedSB0080 / CH0659
10-308amendedSB0080 / CH0659
10-316(d) amendedHB0167
11-309(b)(4) amendedHB1296
12-101(a) without amendmentsHB1752
12-101(b) amendedHB1430
12-101(b) without amendmentsHB1752
12-101(x) amendedHB1752
12-102(a)(2) amendedHB1430
12-102(a)(3) amendedHB1430
12-102(c)(2)(ii) amendedHB1430
12-102(c)(2)(ii)1.C. amendedHB1063
12-102(d)(2) amendedHB1430
12-102(e)(1) amendedHB1430
12-102(f)(1) amendedHB1430
12-102(g) amendedHB1430
12-102(k) addedHB1063, HB1764
12-102(k) amendedHB1764
12-102(k) through (m) amendedHB1063
12-102(l) amendedHB1764
12-102(m) amendedHB1430, HB1764
12-102.1(b) amendedHB1430
12-102.2(b) amendedHB1430
12-315(c) amendedHB0167
12-512addedHB1558 / CH0461, HB1752
12-6A-01(b) amendedHB1430
14-101(d-1) addedSB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-313.1addedSB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-316(c) amendedSB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-3A-01addedSB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-3A-02addedSB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-401.1(a) without amendmentsHB1193
14-401.1(c)(1) without amendmentsHB1193
14-401.1(c)(2) amendedHB1193
14-404(a)(42) amendedSB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-404(a)(43) addedSB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-404(a)(43) renumbered to be (a)(45)SB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-404(a)(43) without amendmentsSB0522 / CH0216, HB0653 / CH0215
14-404(a)(44) addedSB0234 / CH0470, HB0596
14-509addedSB0871, HB0857
14-5C-14(b) amendedHB0167
14-5D-01amendedSB0151, HB0497
14-5D-04without amendmentsSB0151, HB0497
14-5D-05amendedSB0151, HB0497
14-5D-07(a) amendedSB0151, HB0497
14-5D-10amendedSB0151, HB0497
14-5D-11amendedSB0151, HB0497
14-5D-15(a)(4) amendedHB0167
14-5F-14(b)(3) amendedHB1430
14-5G-01through 14-5G-05 addedSB1087, HB1008
15-101(a) without amendmentsSB0549 / CH0443, HB0591 / CH0442
15-101(j) amendedSB0549 / CH0443, HB0591 / CH0442
15-302.2amendedSB0549 / CH0443, HB0591 / CH0442
15-307(b) amendedHB0167
15-315(a)(4) amendedHB0167
16-101(d) amendedHB1430
16-101(e) amendedHB1430
16-202(a)(2) amendedHB1430
16-202(a)(3) amendedHB1430
16-202(c) amendedHB1430
16-202(d)(2) amendedHB1430
16-202(d)(3) amendedHB1430
16-205(a)(2) amendedHB1430
16-205(b)(3)(ii) amendedHB1430
16-205(b)(3)(iii) amendedHB1430
16-205(b)(4) amendedHB1430
16-302amendedSB0110 / CH0662
16-304amendedSB0110 / CH0662
16-307(f)(1) amendedHB1430
16-308(a)(3) amendedHB1430
16-308(b) amendedHB1430
16-310(a) amendedHB1430
16-311(a)(8) without amendmentsSB0522 / CH0216, HB0653 / CH0215
16-311(b) amendedHB1430
16-318(a) amendedHB1430
17-202(a) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-205(b) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-302(a) without amendmentsSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-302(d) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-302(f) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-303(a) without amendmentsSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-303(d) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-303(f) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-304(a) without amendmentsSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-304(d) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-304(e) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-304.1(a) without amendmentsSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-304.1(e) amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-305amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-403amendedSB0015, SB0552 / CH0757, HB0032, HB0248, HB0742 / CH0756
17-404amendedSB0015, SB0552 / CH0757, HB0032, HB0248, HB0742 / CH0756
17-405amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-502without amendmentsSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
17-511(c) amendedHB0167
17-6A-21(c) amendedHB0167
17-702amendedSB0552 / CH0757, HB0742 / CH0756
18-315(c) amendedHB0167
20-207repealedSB0058 / CH0411
20-208amendedSB0058 / CH0411
20-302.1(f) amendedSB0058 / CH0411
20-302.2repealedSB0058 / CH0411

June 12, 2018 10:45 A.M.