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2017 Regular Session

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
2-101(b) without amendmentsSB0253, HB0438, HB0933
2-101(d) without amendmentsSB0253, HB0438, HB0933
2-101(f) without amendmentsSB0253, HB0438, HB0933
2-710addedHB0879 / CH0031
2-1106addedSB0391, HB0278
2-1220(c) amendedSB0586, HB1322
2-1220(e) amendedHB0360
2-1220(f) amendedHB0792 / CH0524
2-1220(g) addedSB0488 / CH0811, HB1317 / CH0812
2-1223(a) amendedSB0488 / CH0811, HB0792 / CH0524, HB1317 / CH0812
2-1223(a)(3) amendedSB0586, HB1322
2-1224(a) amendedSB0488 / CH0811, HB0792 / CH0524, HB1317 / CH0812
2-1224(b) without amendmentsSB0488 / CH0811, HB0792 / CH0524, HB1317 / CH0812
2-1224(c) without amendmentsSB0488 / CH0811, HB0792 / CH0524, HB1317 / CH0812
2-1224(d) amendedSB0488 / CH0811, HB0792 / CH0524, HB1317 / CH0812
2-1224(e) amendedSB0488 / CH0811, HB0792 / CH0524, HB1317 / CH0812
2-1250addedSB0391, HB0278
2-1805addedSB0253, HB0438, HB0933
6-105amendedSB0921, HB1161
6-105(f) addedHB0913 / CH0026
6-106.1addedSB0665, HB0913 / CH0026
6.5-203amendedSB1075, HB1553 / CH0722
8-201without amendmentsSB0854, HB0303
8-201(a) without amendmentsSB0082 / CH0214, HB0103 / CH0205, HB0180
8-201(b)(8) amendedSB0082 / CH0214, HB0180
8-201(b)(10) amendedHB0103 / CH0205
8-205(b) amendedSB0517 / CH0614, HB0628 / CH0613
8-205.1addedSB0517 / CH0614, HB0628 / CH0613
8-207addedSB0854, HB0303
8-3B-01through 8-3B-04 addedHB1471
8-401(a) without amendmentsHB1377
8-401(f) amendedHB1377
8-403(a) without amendmentsSB0183 / CH0056, SB0189 / CH0065, SB0190 / CH0057, SB0530, SB0988, HB0115 / CH0100, HB0116 / CH0066, HB0117 / CH0058, HB1113, HB1192, HB1193, HB1458
8-403(b)(13) addedSB0530, SB0988, HB1113, HB1192, HB1193
8-403(b)(13) through (58) renumbered to be 8-403 (b)(14) through (59)HB1113
8-403(b)(13) through (b)(58)HB1192
8-403(b)(13) through (b)(58) renumbered to be (b)(14) through (b)(59)SB0988
8-403(b)(13) through (b)(58) renumbered to be 8-403 (b)(14) through (b)(59)SB0530
8-403(b)(13) through (b)(58) renumbered to be 8-403 (b)(14) through (b)(59)HB1193
8-403(b)(17) amendedSB0190 / CH0057, HB0117 / CH0058
8-403(b)(21) amendedHB0247
8-403(b)(29) repealedSB0189 / CH0065, HB0116 / CH0066
8-403(b)(30) through (b)(58) renumbered to be 8-403 (b)(29) through (b)(57)SB0189 / CH0065, HB0116 / CH0066
8-403(b)(37) repealedSB0183 / CH0056, HB0115 / CH0100
8-403(b)(38) through (b)(58) renumbered to be 8-403 (b)(37) through (b)(57)SB0183 / CH0056
8-403(b)(38) addedHB1458
8-403(b)(38) through (b)(58) renumbered to be (b)(39) through (b)(59)HB1458
8-403(b)(38) through (b)(58) renumbered to be 8-403 (b)(37) through (b)(57)HB0115 / CH0100
8-405(a) without amendmentsSB0549 / CH0217, HB1265 / CH0218
8-405(b)(2) amendedSB0548 / CH0824, HB0824 / CH0823
8-405(b)(5) amendedSB0549 / CH0217, HB1265 / CH0218
9-101(b) without amendmentsSB0438 / CH0448, HB0813 / CH0447
9-111(e) addedSB0438 / CH0448, HB0813 / CH0447
9-117(a)(1) amendedSB0777, HB0835
9-120(b) amendedSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
9-124(b)(3) amendedSB0028
9-1A-01(a) without amendmentsSB0496 / CH0445, SB1125 / CH0450, HB0090, HB1537 / CH0449
9-1A-01(u) amendedSB0496 / CH0445, HB0090
9-1A-01(cc) without amendmentsSB1125 / CH0450, HB1537 / CH0449
9-1A-04(d) amendedSB1125 / CH0450, HB1537 / CH0449
9-1A-09(a) without amendmentsSB0178 / CH0500, HB0606
9-1A-09(b) amendedSB0178 / CH0500, HB0606
9-1A-10(b) amendedSB0700 / CH0634, HB1506 / CH0633
9-1A-13(c) amendedSB0497 / CH0446, HB0093
9-1A-13(d) without amendmentsSB0497 / CH0446, HB0093
9-1A-21(a)(2) amendedSB0495 / CH0339, HB0091
9-1A-21(a)(2) without amendmentsSB0663
9-1A-23(d) amendedSB0700 / CH0634, HB1506 / CH0633
9-1A-24(c) amendedSB0227
9-1A-24(e) amendedHB1371
9-1A-26amendedSB0228 / CH0452, HB0300 / CH0451
9-1A-26(a) without amendmentsSB0496 / CH0445, HB0090
9-1A-26(a)(3) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
9-1A-26(d) addedSB0496 / CH0445, HB0090
9-1A-27(a) amendedSB0465 / CH0629, HB1517
9-1A-27(a)(2) without amendmentsSB0118
9-1A-27(a)(6) amendedSB0498 / CH0453, HB0092
9-1A-27(a)(7) amendedSB0495 / CH0339, SB0663, HB0091
9-1A-27(a)(8) amendedSB0663
9-1A-27(a)(9) addedSB0663
9-1A-27(a)(9) amendedSB0663
9-1A-27(b) amendedSB0118
9-1A-27(b) without amendmentsSB0465 / CH0629, HB1517
9-1A-27(c) amendedSB0495 / CH0339
9-1A-27(c) without amendmentsSB0465 / CH0629, HB1517
9-1A-27(c)(1)(iii) amendedSB0663
9-1A-27(c)(1)(v) amendedSB0498 / CH0453, HB0092
9-1A-27(d) amendedSB1152, HB1138
9-1A-27(a) amendedHB0152 / CH0023
9-1A-27(c) amendedHB0152 / CH0023
9-1A-28(b)(1) amendedHB0989
9-1A-28(c) amendedSB0172
9-1A-29(a) without amendmentsHB0662
9-1A-29(d) amendedHB0662
9-1A-30amendedHB0931, HB1080
9-1A-30(b)(1) amendedHB0989
9-1A-31(a)(1) amendedHB0989
9-1A-31(a)(1) without amendmentsHB1563
9-1A-31(a)(2) without amendmentsHB1563
9-1A-31(a)(3) without amendmentsHB1563
9-1A-31(a)(7) amendedHB1563
9-1A-31(b)(2) amendedHB0811 / CH0472
9-1A-31(c)(2) amendedSB0497 / CH0446
9-1A-31(b)(4) amendedHB0811 / CH0472
9-1A-33amendedHB1227 / CH0845
9-1A-35transferred to be Article - Economic Development { 5-1501 SB0498 / CH0453, HB0092
9-1A-36(l) amendedSB0700 / CH0634, HB1506 / CH0633
9-1D-01through 9-1D-05 addedHB0989
9-301through 9-303.1 amendedSB0700 / CH0634, HB1506 / CH0633
9-306amendedSB0700 / CH0634, HB1506 / CH0633
9-913(e) without amendmentsSB0296, HB1422
9-913(f) without amendmentsSB0296, HB1422
9-913(g) amendedSB0296, HB1422
9-913(h) without amendmentsSB0296, HB1422
9-913(i) without amendmentsSB0296, HB1422
9-943without amendmentsSB0857 / CH0707, HB1275 / CH0706
9-944addedSB0857 / CH0707, HB1275 / CH0706
9-957addedSB0441 / CH0416
9-1026amendedSB0516, HB0078 / CH0552
9-1027repealedSB0516, HB0078 / CH0552
9-2001without amendmentsHB1395
9-2009amendedSB0315, SB0393 / CH0363, HB0110, HB0406 / CH0362
9-20B-01(a) without amendmentsSB0942, HB1512
9-20B-01(b) without amendmentsSB0942, HB1512
9-20B-01(d) without amendmentsSB0942, HB1512
9-20B-01(e) without amendmentsSB0942, HB1512
9-20B-05(f) amendedSB0942, HB1512
9-20B-05(i) addedSB0942, HB1512
9-20B-05(i) through (l) amendedSB0942, HB1512
9-20C-02(c) amendedSB0700 / CH0634, HB1506 / CH0633
9-3001amendedSB0636 / CH0478
9-3202without amendmentsHB0459 / CH0687, HB1418
9-3203(a) amendedHB1418
9-3207(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0879, HB1157
9-3207(a)(7) amendedSB0879, HB1157
9-3207(a)(8) amendedSB0879, HB1157
9-3207(a)(9) addedSB0879, HB1157
9-3207(b) amendedHB0459 / CH0687
9-3301addedSB1018, HB1202
9-3301through 9-3304 addedHB0077
9-3301transferred from Article - Criminal Procedure { 16-208HB1231
9-3301(a)(1) amendedHB1231
9-3301(d)(2) through (d)(4) amendedHB1231
10-215amendedHB0127 / CH0103
10-222(i) addedHB0127 / CH0103
10-608amendedSB0044 / CH0539
10-610amendedSB0044 / CH0539
10-611(2) amendedSB0044 / CH0539
10-614amendedSB0044 / CH0539
10-616amendedSB0044 / CH0539
10-1201through 10-1203 amendedHB0620
10-1301without amendmentsHB0435
10-1304(a) amendedHB0435
10-1601through 10-1611 addedSB0137 / CH0554, HB0165 / CH0553
12-106amendedSB0336, HB1353, HB1373
12-106(a) amendedSB0505 / CH0656, HB0642 / CH0012
12-106(b) without amendmentsSB0505 / CH0656, HB0642 / CH0012
12-109amendedSB0705, HB0903
18-101(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0747, HB0939
18-201through 18-208 addedSB0747, HB0939
19-103amendedSB0747, HB0939
19-109amendedSB0747, HB0939
19-110amendedSB0747, HB0939
19-115addedSB0747, HB0939
20-101(d) amendedSB0849, HB0696
20-303(a)(3) amendedSB0463
20-304without amendmentsSB0834, HB1175
20-601(a) without amendmentsHB1659
20-601(d) amendedHB1659
20-604amendedSB0849, HB0696
20-701amendedSB0728, HB0172
20-702amendedSB0728, HB0172
20-704amendedSB0728, HB0172
20-705amendedSB0728, HB0172
20-707amendedSB0728, HB0172
20-1001amendedSB0834, SB0849, HB0696, HB1175
20-1006amendedSB0849, HB0696
20-1006(b) amendedSB0834, HB1175
20-1007amendedSB0849, HB0696
20-1007(a) amendedSB0834, HB1175
20-1009amendedSB0834, SB0849, HB0696, HB1175
20-1012amendedSB0849, HB0696
20-1012(a) amendedSB0834, HB1175
20-1012(b) amendedSB0834, HB1175
20-1013amendedSB0834, SB0849, HB0696, HB1175
20-1016(a) amendedSB0834, HB1175
20-1017amendedSB0849, HB0696
20-1103amendedSB0728, HB0172

November 28, 2017 1:23 P.M.