Transportation (gtr)

2018 Regular Session

Total Entries: 387

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
1-101(a) without amendmentsSB0901, HB1363, HB1569
1-101(c) without amendmentsSB0296, HB0349
1-101(e) without amendmentsSB0901, HB1569
1-101(f) without amendmentsHB1363
1-101(i) without amendmentsHB1363
2-103.1(m)(2) amendedSB0187 / CH0010
2-103.4(d)(2) amendedSB0338, HB0335
2-112addedSB0850 / CH0718, HB0744 / CH0717, HB1199, HB1363
2-801addedSB1206 / CH0854, HB1363, HB1772
2-802through 2-806 amendedHB1363
2-807without amendmentsHB1363
2-810without amendmentsHB1363
2-811through 2-815 amendedHB1363
2-819without amendmentsHB1363
2-821without amendmentsHB1363
3-101(a) without amendmentsSB1006 / CH0629, HB1350 / CH0628
3-101(f) without amendmentsSB1006 / CH0629, HB1350 / CH0628
3-216(a) without amendmentsSB0277 / CH0351, HB0372 / CH0352
3-216(b) without amendmentsSB0277 / CH0351, HB0372 / CH0352
3-216(c)(2)(i) without amendmentsSB0277 / CH0351, HB0372 / CH0352
3-216(d)(1) without amendmentsSB0277 / CH0351, HB0372 / CH0352
3-216(f)(2) without amendmentsSB0606 / CH0700
4-210(a) without amendmentsSB0187 / CH0010
4-210(b) amendedSB0187 / CH0010
4-311(a) amendedHB0069
4-312(a)(2) without amendmentsSB0935, HB1332
4-312(c) amendedSB0935, HB1332
4-313(a)(1) amendedHB0069
4-406addedHB0004 / CH0020, HB0377
4-407amendedSB0034, HB0560
4-407without amendmentsHB1199
5-210(a)(2) amendedHB0167
5-408.1addedSB0850 / CH0718, HB0744 / CH0717
5-413(b) amendedHB0137 / CH0803
5-413.1addedSB0320, HB1231
7-205addedSB0277 / CH0351, HB0372 / CH0352
7-208(b-1)(1) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
7-208(b-1)(2)(i) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
7-208(b-1)(4) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
7-208(b-1)(5) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
7-208(b-1)(6) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
7-301.1addedSB0277 / CH0351, HB0372 / CH0352
7-309addedSB0277 / CH0351, SB0850 / CH0718, HB0372 / CH0352, HB0744 / CH0717
7-705(f) amendedHB0312 / CH0619
7-711addedHB1076, HB1433, HB1436
7-1101through 7-1108 addedHB1468 / CH0793
8-101(a) without amendmentsSB1006 / CH0629, HB0977, HB1350 / CH0628
8-101(i) without amendmentsSB1006 / CH0629, HB0977, HB1350 / CH0628
8-101(q) without amendmentsHB0977
8-204(h) without amendmentsSB0024 / CH0223, HB0054
8-204.1addedSB0850 / CH0718, HB0744 / CH0717
8-208addedSB0024 / CH0223, HB0054
8-318through 8-331 renumbered to be 2-802 through 2-815HB1363
8-334through 8-339 renumbered to be 2-818 through 2-823HB1363
8-401(a) without amendmentsSB0516 / CH0331, HB0807 / CH0330
8-401(d) amendedSB0516 / CH0331, HB0807 / CH0330
8-401(d) without amendmentsSB0516 / CH0331, HB0807 / CH0330
8-402amendedSB0154, SB0223, SB0516 / CH0331, SB0605, SB0901, HB0807 / CH0330, HB0854, HB1361, HB1405, HB1569
8-402(b)(3) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
8-403amendedSB0154, SB0223, SB0516 / CH0331, SB0605, SB0901, HB0807 / CH0330, HB0854, HB1361, HB1405, HB1569
8-404without amendmentsSB0516 / CH0331, HB0807 / CH0330
8-405without amendmentsSB0516 / CH0331, HB0807 / CH0330
8-412(a)(1) amendedSB0901, HB1569
8-412(c) amendedSB0901, HB1569
8-610(a) without amendmentsHB1281
8-610(c) without amendmentsHB1281
8-610(e) without amendmentsHB1281
8-633without amendmentsHB1356
8-654amendedHB0961 / CH0176
8-656amendedHB0009 / CH0278
8-662addedSB0906, HB0157, HB0977
8-901through 8-908 addedSB0407 / CH0722, HB0535 / CH0721
10-204amendedSB0894, HB1089
10-204without amendmentsSB0494 / CH0356, HB0533 / CH0355
10-205amendedSB0277 / CH0351, SB0834, HB0372 / CH0352
11-101without amendmentsSB0868, SB1193, HB1099, HB1771
11-104.1renumbered to be 11-104.2HB0123
11-116without amendmentsHB1447
11-118amendedSB0475 / CH0187, HB0106 / CH0186, HB0123
11-128without amendmentsHB0013
11-130without amendmentsSB0872 / CH0325, HB1406
11-134.1without amendmentsHB0293
11-134.5without amendmentsHB0293
11-135without amendmentsHB0013
11-140without amendmentsHB1447
11-140.1without amendmentsSB1030, HB1091
11-142.1addedSB0475 / CH0187, HB0106 / CH0186
11-145without amendmentsSB0868, HB1099
11-145.1without amendmentsHB0598
11-148.1(a) without amendmentsHB1045
11-148.1(b) amendedHB1045
11-152amendedSB0521, HB1770
11-167without amendmentsSB1193
12-112(d)(5) amendedSB0856 / CH0196, HB1161 / CH0195
12-114(a) amendedHB0167
12-118(c)(2) without amendmentsSB0187 / CH0010
12-118(e) amendedSB0187 / CH0010
12-120amendedSB1030, HB1091
12-301(a) without amendmentsHB1563
12-301(b) amendedHB1563
12-301(h) without amendmentsHB1563
12-305addedSB0635, HB0013, HB1304
13-402(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0215 / CH0175, HB0330 / CH0174, HB0426, HB1771
13-402(c) amendedSB0215 / CH0175, HB0330 / CH0174, HB0426, HB1771
13-413amendedHB0073, HB0294
13-506amendedSB0521, HB1770
13-616(a) without amendmentsSB0039 / CH0041
13-616(a)(3) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
13-616(a)(8) amendedHB1430
13-616(b) without amendmentsSB0039 / CH0041
13-616(b)(1) amendedHB1430
13-616(b)(2)(ii) amendedHB1430
13-616.1(a) without amendmentsSB0039 / CH0041
13-616.1(a)(2)(i) amendedHB1430
13-616.1(d) amendedSB0039 / CH0041
13-616.1(e)(1) amendedSB0014
13-616.1(j) amendedHB1430
13-616.2(a) amendedSB0039 / CH0041
13-616.2(a)(2) amendedHB1430
13-616.2(c)(1) amendedHB1430
13-616.2(h) amendedHB1430
13-619.4addedHB1011, HB1265
13-802amendedSB1030, HB1091
13-814amendedSB0606 / CH0700
13-903amendedSB0362 / CH0704
13-903(a) amendedHB1644
13-903(a)(9) amendedSB0626 / CH0158, HB1162 / CH0157
15-207.1addedSB1031, HB1104 / CH0517
15-210.1addedSB0529, HB0434
15-601amendedSB0768, HB1065 / CH0512
15-602without amendmentsSB0768, HB1065 / CH0512
15-604amendedSB0768, HB1065 / CH0512
15-608addedSB0768, HB1065 / CH0512
15-708amendedHB0118, HB0998
16-104.1(e)(2) amendedHB0123
16-105(d) amendedSB0424 / CH0505, HB0394
16-110(a) without amendmentsSB0508, HB0889
16-110(b) without amendmentsHB0889
16-110(c) amendedSB0508, HB0889
16-111(b) amendedSB0424 / CH0505, HB0394
16-114amendedSB0580, HB0132
16-115(b) amendedHB0167
16-117.1amendedSB0079 / CH0413
16-203amendedSB0079 / CH0413
16-205.1(a)(2) amendedSB1150
16-205.1(a)(2) without amendmentsHB1447
16-205.1(b)(1)(ii) without amendmentsHB1447
16-205.1(b)(2)(iv) amendedHB1447
16-205.1(b)(2)(vi) amendedHB1447
16-205.1(c) amendedSB0722, SB1150, HB1205
16-205.1(d)(1) amendedSB1150
16-205.1(f)(1) amendedSB1150
16-205.1(f)(1) without amendmentsHB1447
16-205.1(f)(4)(i) amendedHB1447
16-205.1(f)(5)(i) amendedHB1447
16-205.1(f)(6)(i) amendedHB1447
16-205.1(f)(6)(v) amendedHB1447
16-205.1(f)(7)(i) amendedSB1150
16-205.1(f)(8)(i) amendedSB1150, HB1447
16-205.1(f)(8)(ii) amendedSB1150
16-205.1(f)(8)(iv)1. amendedHB1447
16-205.1(g) amendedHB1447
16-205.1(j) amendedSB0495, HB1478
16-205.1(p) amendedHB1447
16-205.1(q) amendedHB1447
16-208(b) amendedHB1474
16-301(h) without amendmentsHB1334
16-301(i) without amendmentsHB1334
16-301(j) without amendmentsHB1334
16-301(r) amendedHB1334
16-303(j)(2) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
16-303(k) amendedSB0593, HB1082
16-303.1(a) without amendmentsHB0238 / CH0777
16-303.1(b) amendedHB0238 / CH0777
16-402(a)(16) addedHB1261, HB1334
16-402(a)(16) through (a)(42)HB1334
16-402(a)(16) through (a)(42) renumbered to be 16-402 (a)(17) through (a)(43)HB1261
16-402(a)(25) without amendmentsHB0881
16-402(a)(36) amendedHB1334
16-404(b)(2)(i) amendedHB0167
16-404(c)(3) amendedHB1447
16-404(c)(4) amendedHB1447
16-404.1(a)(1) without amendmentsHB1391, HB1447
16-404.1(a)(2) without amendmentsHB0595
16-404.1(a)(4) without amendmentsHB1391, HB1447
16-404.1(a)(5) without amendmentsHB1391, HB1447
16-404.1(b)(1) without amendmentsHB1447
16-404.1(c)(3) amendedHB1447
16-404.1(d)(1)(i)4. amendedSB0812 / CH0012
16-404.1(d)(1)(i)5. amendedHB1391
16-404.1(d)(2)(i)1. amendedHB1391
16-404.1(d)(4)(i) amendedHB1391
16-404.1(f) amendedHB1447
16-404.1(g) amendedSB0812 / CH0012, HB1391, HB1447
16-404.1(j)(1) amendedHB1391
16-404.1(o) amendedHB1447
16-404.1(p)(3) amendedHB1391
16-505amendedSB0508, HB1375
16-807(b) amendedSB0701, HB1462
16-807.2addedSB0701, HB1462
16-812(a) amendedSB0816, HB0887
17-103without amendmentsSB0573
17-104.2amendedSB0856 / CH0196, HB1161 / CH0195
17-106(a) without amendmentsHB0987
17-106(b) without amendmentsHB0987
17-106(c) amendedSB0856 / CH0196, HB0987, HB1161 / CH0195
17-106(d) without amendmentsHB0987
17-106(e)(1) without amendmentsSB1265 / CH0030
17-106(e)(2)(i) amendedSB0856 / CH0196, HB1161 / CH0195
17-106(e)(2)(i) without amendmentsSB1265 / CH0030
17-106(e)(2)(vi) without amendmentsSB0856 / CH0196, HB1161 / CH0195
17-106(e)(2)(ii) through (v) repealedSB1265 / CH0030
17-106(e)(2)(vi) amendedSB1265 / CH0030
17-106(e)(3) addedSB0856 / CH0196, HB1161 / CH0195
17-106(e)(3) through (e)(5) amendedSB0856 / CH0196, HB1161 / CH0195
17-111(b)(1) without amendmentsSB0856 / CH0196, HB1161 / CH0195
17-111(h) addedSB0856 / CH0196, HB1161 / CH0195
18-101amendedSB0743 / CH0852
18-108(a) amendedSB0743 / CH0852, HB1045
18-201through 18-205 addedHB1759
18.5-101through 18.5-110 addedSB0743 / CH0852
20-102without amendmentsSB0499
21-101(a) without amendmentsSB0551, HB0060
21-101(i-1) addedSB0551
21-101(j) amendedHB0060
21-104.1amendedSB0644 / CH0166, HB0722 / CH0165
21-104.2amendedSB0353 / CH0541, HB0465 / CH0086
21-104.3(a) amendedSB0215 / CH0175, HB0330 / CH0174
21-104.4addedSB0215 / CH0175, HB0330 / CH0174, HB1771
21-106amendedSB0475 / CH0187, HB0106 / CH0186, HB0123
21-201(a)(1) without amendmentsSB1193
21-202.1(a)(3) without amendmentsHB1769
21-202.1(b) amendedHB0204 / CH0290
21-202.1(d)(1) without amendmentsHB1769
21-202.1(e) amendedHB1769
21-305without amendmentsSB0268, HB0222
21-307amendedSB0268, HB0222
21-405(e) amendedSB0445 / CH0545, HB0531 / CH0544
21-406(b)(2)(ii) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
21-501.1(a) without amendmentsHB0060
21-706.1(a)(3) without amendmentsHB1769
21-706.1(e)(1) without amendmentsHB1769
21-706.1(f) amendedHB1769
21-809(a) without amendmentsHB0175 / CH0806
21-809(a)(1) without amendmentsHB1151
21-809(a)(4) without amendmentsHB1769
21-809(a)(6) amendedHB1151
21-809(b)(1)(i) without amendmentsHB0175 / CH0806, HB1365
21-809(b)(1)(vi) amendedHB0175 / CH0806
21-809(b)(1)(vii) amendedHB0175 / CH0806
21-809(b)(1)(vi) without amendmentsHB1365
21-809(b)(1)(vii) amendedHB1365
21-809(b)(1)(viii) amendedHB1365
21-809(b)(4) amendedHB1151
21-809(c) without amendmentsHB0175 / CH0806
21-809(c)(1) without amendmentsHB1769
21-809(d) amendedHB1769
21-809(d)(1) amendedHB0167
21-809(d)(2) amendedHB0167
21-809(e) amendedHB1151
21-809(j) amendedHB1365
21-810(a)(3) without amendmentsHB1769
21-810(b)(1) through (b)(3) without amendmentsHB0014
21-810(c)(1) without amendmentsHB0014, HB1769
21-810(c)(2) amendedHB0014
21-810(d) amendedHB1769
21-810(d)(1)(x) amendedHB0014
21-810(d)(1)(xi) amendedHB0014
21-810(d)(1)(xii) addedHB0014
21-811addedSB0872 / CH0325, HB1406
21-901.2amendedSB1193, HB0881
21-901.3addedSB0868, HB0142, HB1099
21-902amendedSB0296, HB0349
21-902(b) amendedHB0711
21-902.2(a) amendedHB0862
21-902.4renumbered to be 21-902.6HB1391
21-903amendedSB0127, SB0345, HB0651
21-905without amendmentsHB0881
21-1004(g) addedSB0847, HB0903 / CH0780
21-1132addedSB0551, SB1211
21-1201(c) without amendmentsHB0060
21-1414amendedSB0973 / CH0547
21-1414(a) without amendmentsHB0069
21-1414(c) amendedHB0069, HB1718
21-1414(c) without amendmentsSB1244
21-1414(d) without amendmentsSB1244
21-1414(d)(1) amendedHB0167
21-1414(d)(2) amendedHB0167
22-201without amendmentsSB0445 / CH0545, HB0531 / CH0544
22-218(c)(1) amendedSB0475 / CH0187, HB0046, HB0106 / CH0186, HB0123
22-218(c)(2) amendedHB1714
22-218(c)(4) amendedSB0475 / CH0187, HB0106 / CH0186, HB0123
22-218(c)(6) amendedHB1543
22-218(c)(6) without amendmentsSB0445 / CH0545, HB0046, HB0531 / CH0544
22-218(c)(9) amendedHB1714
22-218(c)(11) without amendmentsSB0445 / CH0545, HB0046, HB0531 / CH0544
22-218(c)(13) addedSB0475 / CH0187, HB0046, HB0106 / CH0186, HB0123
22-218(e) amendedHB0046
22-218.2(a) without amendmentsSB0445 / CH0545, HB0531 / CH0544
22-412.3(b) without amendmentsHB1403
22-412.3(c) without amendmentsHB1403
22-412.3(k) amendedHB1403
23-206.4without amendmentsSB1234
24-104.1amendedHB0253 / CH0543
24-105amendedHB0253 / CH0543
24-109amendedSB1069 / CH0495, HB0646 / CH0494
24-111.3(a)(1) without amendmentsHB1139
24-111.3(a)(4) without amendmentsHB1139
24-111.3(b)(1) without amendmentsHB1139
24-111.3(d)(2) amendedHB1139
24-111.3(e)(1) amendedHB1139
24-111.3(e)(3) amendedHB1139
24-111.3(f-1) addedHB1139
24-111.3(g-1) addedHB1139
24-111.3(h) amendedHB1139
25-102(a)(14) amendedSB0644 / CH0166, HB0722 / CH0165
25-102(c) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
25-108without amendmentsSB0751 / CH0678, HB0714 / CH0679
25-113(a)(4) without amendmentsSB0107
25-113(d) without amendmentsSB0107
25-113(e) without amendmentsSB0107
25-113(f) amendedSB0107
25-115addedHB0238 / CH0777
25-201amendedHB0238 / CH0777
25-201(a) through (c) without amendmentsSB0521, HB1770
25-203amendedHB0238 / CH0777
25-204without amendmentsSB0847, HB0903 / CH0780
26-204(e) without amendmentsHB1448 / CH0792
26-204(g) without amendmentsHB1448 / CH0792
26-301(b) amendedHB0492
26-305amendedHB0492, HB1139
27-101without amendmentsHB0042
27-103without amendmentsHB1448 / CH0792
27-103(a) without amendmentsHB1535
28-101through 28-302 addedHB1641

June 12, 2018 10:46 A.M.