Delegate Jay A. Jacobs

2018 Regular Session

District 36, Kent, Queen Anne's, Cecil, and Caroline Counties

Past House Service
2011-2015Environmental Matters Committee
2011-2015Natural Resources Subcommittee of the Environmental Matters Committee
2011-2015Agriculture, Agriculture Preservation, and Open Space Subcommittee of the Environmental Matters Committee
2011-2015Chair, Caroline County House Delegation
Public Service
2016-2017Rural Healthcare Delivery Workgroup
2015-Maryland Dairy Industry Oversight and Advisory Council
2011-Kent County Delegation
2011-Bainbridge Development Advisory Board
2011-Mid-Shore Regional Council
2011-Nutrient Management Advisory Committee
2011-Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland
2009-2011Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays
1999-2011Mayor of Rock Hall
1997-2011Maryland Municipal League
2007-Upper Shore Regional Council
2007Chair, Rock Hall Tricentenial
2006-2007Workforce Housing Task Force, Kent County
2002-2007Board of Directors, Maryland Municipal League
2002-2007District Vice President, Maryland Municipal League
2003-2004Strategic Economic Development Advisory Board, Kent County
1997-1999Vice Mayor of Rock Hall
1990-1992Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board, Queen Anne's County, Past President
1976-1980Planning and Zoning Board, Rock Hall
1999-2011Maryland Mayor's Association
1997-2011Eastern Shore Association of Municipalities
2007-2010President, Kent County Council of Governments
1997-2007Kent County Council of Governments
2003President, Maryland Mayor's Association
1997-Board of Directors, Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company
1993-Member and Administrative Officer, Kent County Community Marching Band
2007Person of the Year, WCTR, Chestertown
2001Community Service Award, Kent County Chamber of Commerce
Biographical Information
Born, Rock Hall, Maryland
Kent County High School
Owner, Jay A. Jacobs Complete Kitchens and Baths LLC
Firefighter and Ambulance Driver, Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company, 1996-
Member, Wesley United Methodist Church, Rock Hall

April 18, 2018 4:14 P.M.