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The Senate and House Agendas include all scheduled calendars. Additional calendars, messages. or other items may be added to the Agenda during the daily session and may not always appear on the Agenda displayed here.

The Secretary of the Senate prepares a legislative calendar or agenda each day reflecting the matters to be considered during the floor session. The agenda includes committee reports, bills that have been “laid over” or “special ordered” from a prior session, bills on third reading, and other items of interest.

In the House of Delegates, the Office of the Chief Clerk prepares individual calendars for each committee report, bills on third reading, or other items of legislative business to be considered at the floor session.

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2016 Regular Session Proceedings:

House Agenda

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JANUARY 11, 2017 - SESSION 1
March 7, 2016
Introductory House Bills No. 46
HB 1633
Delegate Glenn
Rules and Executive Nominations
Unemployment Insurance - Maximum Benefit - Increase
HB 1634
Delegate Jalisi
Rules and Executive Nominations
Juveniles - Restraint and Searches - Limitations
HB 1635
Delegate Clippinger
Rules and Executive Nominations
Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore City - Port Discovery Children's Museum
HB 1636
Delegate Clippinger
Rules and Executive Nominations
Baltimore City - South Baltimore Gateway Community Benefits District and Distribution of Local Impact Grants
Appropriations Committee Report No. 24
Distribution Date: April 11, 2016
Second Reading Date: April 11, 2016
SB 515
Favorable with Amendments Senator DeGrange
County Boards of Education - Procurements for Construction or Repair of School Projects
HB 18
Unfavorable Delegate Haynes
Maryland Education Opportunity Act of 2016
HB 330
Unfavorable Delegate Jones
County Boards of Education - Procurements for Construction or Repair of School Projects
HB 533
Unfavorable Delegate Jones
State Department of Education - Employment Categories and Practices
HB 753
(Constitutional Amendment)
Unfavorable Delegate Barnes, B.
State Budget
HB 795
Unfavorable Delegate Young, P.
Maryland Environmental Service - Collective Bargaining
HB 804
Unfavorable Delegate Young, P.
Public Institutions of Higher Education - General Education Programs - Semester Hour Maximums
HB 1104
Unfavorable Delegate Young, P.
Task Force on Workplace Bullying in State Agencies
HB 1467
Unfavorable Delegate Krimm
Department of Human Resources - Housing Counselor and Aftercare Program
HB 1474
Unfavorable Delegate Krimm
Economic Development - Maryland Stadium Authority - Downtown Frederick Conference Center
HB 1490
Unfavorable Delegate Lierman
Public Safety - Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Fund - Establishment (Alicia's Law)
HB 150
Unfavorable Speaker
Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2017)
HB 230
Unfavorable Delegate Ebersole
Institutions of Higher Education - Reduction in Financial Aid - Notification
HB 526
Unfavorable Delegate Krebs
Community Colleges - Small Community Colleges - Funding
HB 597
Unfavorable Delegate Young, K.
State Personnel - Professional Service - Maryland School for the Deaf - Teachers
HB 736
Unfavorable Delegate Tarlau
Labor and Employment - Employment Rights for Local Government Employees - Establishment
HB 910
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, C.
State Personnel - Innovative Idea Awards Program - Additional Cash Awards
HB 934
Unfavorable Delegate Barnes, B.
Teachers' Retirement and Pension System - Employer Contribution for Local Employees
HB 978
Unfavorable Delegate Washington, M.
Task Force to Study Housing, Health, and Economic Stability of Maryland Seniors
HB 1098
Unfavorable Frederick County Delegation
Frederick County - Public School Construction - State Funding
HB 1357
Unfavorable Delegate Glass
Public Health - State Funding for Abortions - Prohibition and Exceptions
HB 1449
Unfavorable Delegate Parrott
Food Stamp Program - Time Limit Waiver - Prohibition
HB 1500
Unfavorable Delegate Carter
Human Resources - Homeless Shelters - Safety and Security Measures
SB 453
Unfavorable Senator Serafini
Workgroup to Study the Optional Retirement Program
SB 875
Unfavorable Senator Serafini
State Retirement and Pension System - Disability Benefits Study
April 9, 2016
Special Order Calendar No. 71
SB 502
(Constitutional Amendment)
Senator Miller
STATUS: (Judiciary)
Judges - Mandatory Retirement Age

Motion by Del. Kaiser to make Bill a Special Order of Business for Saturday at the appropriate time. CARRIED.


April 11, 2016
Special Order Calendar No. 73
SB 414
Senator Brochin
STATUS: (Economic Matters)
Vehicle Laws - Mechanical Repair Contracts

Motion by Del. Davis to make Bill a Special Order of Business for Monday at the appropriate time. CARRIED.


January 11, 2017
Special Order Calendar No. 81
SB 340
Senator Conway
Election Law - Voting Rights - Ex-Felons


STATUS: (Consideration to
Override the Governor’s Veto)

Motion by Del. Kaiser to make Bill a
Special Order of Business for Friday
at the appropriate time.


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