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The Senate and House Agendas include all scheduled calendars. Additional calendars, messages. or other items may be added to the Agenda during the daily session and may not always appear on the Agenda displayed here.

The Secretary of the Senate prepares a legislative calendar or agenda each day reflecting the matters to be considered during the floor session. The agenda includes committee reports, bills that have been “laid over” or “special ordered” from a prior session, bills on third reading, and other items of interest.

In the House of Delegates, the Office of the Chief Clerk prepares individual calendars for each committee report, bills on third reading, or other items of legislative business to be considered at the floor session.

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House Agenda

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MARCH 30, 2015 - SESSION 1
March 30, 2015
Message from the Senate: Yeas and Nays No. 2
House Bills Passed In The Senate
HB 106
Montgomery County Delegation
Montgomery County - Illegal Dumping and Litter Control Law - Adoption of Local Ordinance MC 11-15
HB 182
Delegate Lafferty
Housing - Community Development Administration - Residential Mortgage Loans
Appropriations Committee Report No. 8
Distribution Date: March 30, 2015
Second Reading Date: March 30, 2015
HB 71
Favorable with Amendments Speaker
Creation of a State Debt - Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2015, and the Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loans of 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014
HB 110
Favorable Speaker
Creation of a State Debt - Qualified Zone Academy Bonds
HB 923
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Hixson
Capital Grant Program for Local School Systems With Significant Enrollment Growth or Relocatable Classrooms
HB 1182
Favorable with Amendments Chair, Appropriations Committee
Academic Facilities Bonding Authority
Economic Matters Committee Report No. 17
Distribution Date: March 30, 2015
Second Reading Date: March 30, 2015
HB 489
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Miller, A.
(Jointly Considered Economic Matters/Judiciary)
Electronic Cigarettes - Sale to Minors - Components, Supplies, and Enforcement
HB 969
Unfavorable Delegate Hixson
Labor and Employment - Fair Scheduling Act
HB 1051
Unfavorable Delegate Valderrama
Labor and Employment - Equal Pay for Equal Work
Environment and Transportation Committee Report No. 16
Distribution Date: March 30, 2015
Second Reading Date: March 30, 2015
HB 1287
Favorable with Amendments Delegate O'Donnell
Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission and Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission - Membership
House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee Report No. 12 Consent No. 13
Distribution Date: March 30, 2015
Second Reading Date: March 30, 2015
HB 1289
To Judiciary Delegate Dumais
Maryland Uniform Interstate Family Support Act - Revision
HB 1290
To Health and Government Operations Delegate Adams
Managed Care Organizations - Enrollees Access to Pharmacy Services - Requirements
MARCH 31, 2015 - SESSION 1
Appropriations Committee Report No. 9
Distribution Date: March 31, 2015
Second Reading Date: March 31, 2015
SB 13
Favorable Senator Conway
Institutions of Higher Education - Fully Online Distance Education - Definition
SB 25
(Emergency Bill)
Favorable Senator Young
Frederick Center for Research and Education in Science and Technology
SB 76
Favorable Senator Peters
State Retirement and Pension System - Noncontributory Pension Benefit - Definition
SB 102
Favorable Senator Peters
State Retirement and Pension System - Accumulated Contributions of Nonvested Former Members
SB 103
Favorable with Amendments Senator Peters
Judges' Retirement System - Membership, Benefits, and Reemployment
SB 104
Favorable Senator Peters
Correctional Officers' Retirement System - Membership and Eligibility for Retirement
SB 243
Favorable with Amendments Senator Feldman
State Personnel and Procurement - Service Contracts - Reporting and Audit Requirements
SB 286
Favorable Senator Manno
Law Enforcement Officers' Pension System - Division of Parole and Probation - Warrant Apprehension Unit Employees - Membership
SB 364
Favorable Senator Kasemeyer
Alternate Contributory Pension Selection - Return to Employment
SB 432
Favorable Senator Peters
Employees' and Teachers' Pension Systems - Combination of Service - Clarification
SB 442
Favorable Senator Eckardt
Employees' Pension System - Dorchester County Sanitary Commission - Eligible Governmental Unit
SB 496
Favorable Senator Rosapepe
Maryland College Education Export Act of 2015
SB 726
Favorable Senator Bates
Employees' Pension System - Town of Sykesville - Service Credit
Judiciary Committee Report No. 13
Distribution Date: March 30, 2015
Second Reading Date: March 31, 2015
SB 12
Favorable with Amendments Senator DeGrange
Family Law - Child Abuse and Neglect - Expungement of Reports and Records - Time Period
SB 60
Favorable Chair, Judicial Proceedings Committee
Clerks of the Circuit Courts - Collection of Appearance Fees
SB 61
Favorable Chair, Judicial Proceedings Committee
Active Armed Forces Member - Exemption From Payment of Fees for Certain Court Records
SB 62
Favorable Chair, Judicial Proceedings Committee
Clerks of the Circuit Courts - Water and Sewer Lien Registers - Fees
SB 87
Favorable Chair, Judicial Proceedings Committee
Criminal Procedure - Transfer to Juvenile Court - Petition for Expungement
SB 264
Favorable Senator Miller
Circuit Court for Calvert County - Fees for Appearance of Counsel
SB 498
Favorable Senator Montgomery
Public Safety - Statewide Accounting of Sexual Assault Evidence Kits
SB 521
Favorable with Amendments Senator Lee
Workgroup to Study Safe Harbor Policy for Youth Victims of Human Trafficking
SB 602
(Emergency Bill)
Favorable Senator Miller
Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council
SB 685
Favorable Senator Benson
Family Law - Information and Services for Foster Children and Former Foster Children
APRIL 1, 2015 - SESSION 1
Health and Government Operations Committee Report No. 9
Distribution Date: March 31, 2015
Second Reading Date: April 1, 2015
SB 1
Favorable Senator Conway
Health Occupations - Pharmacists - Refills of Prescriptions During State of Emergency
SB 14
Favorable Senator Conway
Health Occupations - Board of Pharmacy - Pharmacist Rehabilitation Committee - Definition
SB 30
Favorable Senator Peters
Procurement - Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise Participation - Award of Contracts
SB 48
Favorable Senator Conway
State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners - Failure to Pass Licensure Examination - Prohibition on Issuance of License
SB 59
Favorable President
State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation
SB 69
(Emergency Bill)
Favorable Senator Conway
State Board of Pharmacy - Sterile Compounding - Compliance by Nonresident Pharmacies and Repeal of Permit Requirement
SB 74
Favorable Senator Feldman
Task Force to Study Maternal Mental Health
SB 92
Favorable Senator Middleton
Health Insurance - Assignment of Benefits and Reimbursement of Nonpreferred Providers - Repeal of Termination Date
SB 94
Favorable with Amendments Senator Ferguson
State Government - Automated Mapping-Geographic Information Systems - System Services Costs
SB 110
Favorable Senator Middleton
Developmental Disabilities Administration - Low Intensity Support Services - Definition
SB 122
(Emergency Bill)
Favorable Senator Eckardt
Public Health - Regulation of Milk Products - Revisions
SB 148
Favorable Senator Klausmeier
Office of Cemetery Oversight - Preneed Burial Contracts - Report Submission Requirement
SB 201
Favorable with Amendments Senator Conway
State Board for the Certification of Residential Child Care Program Professionals - Revisions
SB 220
Favorable with Amendments President
General Assembly - Mandated Reports by State Agencies
SB 241
Favorable with Amendments Senator Astle
Health Insurance - Coverage for Ostomy Equipment and Supplies - Required
SB 325
Favorable Senator Pugh
Life Insurers - Reserve Investments - Loans Secured by Real Estate
SB 437
(Emergency Bill)
Favorable Senator Middleton
Nonprofit Health Service Plans - Hearing and Order - Impact of Law or Regulatory Action by Another State
SB 450
Favorable Senator Guzzone
Health Insurance - Expense Reimbursement Claims Forms - Methods for Submission
SB 461
Favorable Senator Feldman
Insurance - Surplus Lines - Disability Insurance
SB 467
Favorable Senator Klausmeier
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Newborn Screening Program Fund - Establishment
SB 604
Favorable Senator King
Human Relations - Employment Discrimination - Protection for Interns
HB 437
Unfavorable Delegate Rosenberg
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Maryland Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Grant Program
HB 1006
Unfavorable Delegate Cullison
Hospitals - Designation of Caregivers
HB 1030
Unfavorable Delegate Cullison
2-1-1 Maryland - Procurement of Services to Operate a Public Information Telephone Line or Hotline

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