About Schedules

The weekly schedule is issued anew each Thursday and includes the dates, times, locations, and topics for meetings being held by committees of the General Assembly and other state government groups. Addenda to the weekly schedule are published as necessary.

Meetings are generally held in late morning or early afternoon.

During the legislative session standing committee meetings include:

  • Public hearings on all assigned legislation. Withdrawn legislation does not always receive a hearing.
  • Briefings on subject matters as determined by the chair from agencies and selected organizations.
  • Receiving testimony from sponsors and other parties supporting or opposing legislation
  • Reviewing the Governor’s nominees to cabinet positions, certain Judgeships, and various boards and commissions (Senate Executive Nominations Committee only)
  • Hearing agency representatives discuss the budgets of specific units of State government (Budget Committees only)
  • Receiving proposed amendments
  • Voting to approve or reject legislation

Between sessions, scheduled meetings continue the work of General Assembly committees and its task forces, commissions, and special issue workgroups.

Certain committees webcast their meetings live and recordings can be listened to or viewed on demand after the meeting has concluded. Prior schedules and addenda are available online and in printed format.

march 23, 2017


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 1083   Del               Health - Family Planning Services - Continuity of
           Pendergrass,      Care
   ADDED   et al             MAR 23, 2017 1:00 PM

 SB 1198   Prince            Prince George's County Regional Medical Center Act
           George's County   of 2017
   ADDED   Senators          MAR 23, 2017 1:00 PM

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 95     Chr W&M (Dept)    Sales and Use Tax - Hygienic Aids - Exemption
 HB 112    Del               Interest Rate on Tax Deficiencies and Refunds -
           Fraser-Hidalgo,   Rounding
           et al
 HB 231    Dels              Property Tax Credit - Disabled or Fallen Law
           Impallaria and    Enfrcmt Officers and Rescue Workers - Alteration
 HB 267    Del B. Wilson,    POS - Athrzd Trnsfr to the Md Heritage Areas
           et al             Athrty Financing Fnd - Increase
 HB 271    Del Lierman,      Maryland Transit Administration - Farebox Recovery
           et al             Rate - Repeal
 HB 373    Del D. Barnes,    Biotechnology Investment Tax Credit - Qualified
           et al             Maryland Biotechnology Company - Definition
 HB 503    Del McIntosh      State Budget - Appropriations - Income Tax Revenue
                             Estimate Cap and Revenue Stabilization Account
 HB 684    Del Krebs, et     Education - State Grants for Education Aid
 HB 717    Chr APP (Dept)    Academic Facilities Bonding Authority
 HB 1109   Del B. Barnes     Teachers' Retirement and Pension Systems - County
                             Boards of Education Payments
 HB 1422   Del C. Wilson,    Income Tax Checkoff - Maryland Veterans Trust Fund
           et al
 HB 1433   Del Valentino     Local Income Tax Overpayments - Local Reserve
           Smith, et al      Account Repayment - Forgiveness


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 1147   Sen Mathias       State Boat Act - Vessel Operation - Prohibition
                             When Individual on the Bow, Gunwale, or Transom
                             (Jointly assigned to EHE and JPR)
 SB 1190   Sens Eckardt      Bay Restoration Fund - Upgraded Municipal
           and Serafini      Wastewater Facilities - Grants
 SB 1193   Sen Reilly        Controlled Water Ski Areas in Maynadier Creek -
                             Operation of Vessel - Prohibition
 HB 73     Del Luedtke       Election Law - Election Judges - Minimum Age
 HB 120    Chr ENV (Dept)    Department of Agriculture - Seafood and
                             Aquaculture Product Marketing
 HB 121    Chr ENV (Dept)    Environment - Hazardous Material Security - Repeal
 HB 124    Chr ENV (Dept)    Environment - Solid Waste and Recycling Facilities
 HB 125    Chr ENV (Dept)    Environment - Emergency Action Plans for Dams
 HB 130    Chr ENV (Dept)    Maryland Wine and Grape Promotion Fund
 HB 143    Chr W&M (Dept)    Elections - Miscellaneous Duties and Procedures
 HB 155    Chr ENV (Dept)    Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation
                             - Easement Termination
 HB 529    Chr W&M (Dept)    Election Law - Political Parties, Candidacy, and
                             Campaign Finance
 HB 924    Del Gilchrist,    Natural Resources - Oyster Management - Prohibited
           et al             Actions


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 1092   Sen Jennings      Public Assistance Fraud Prevention Act
 SB 1109   Sen Madaleno      Nursing Homes - Partial Payment for Services
 SB 1169   Sen Bates         Unemployment Insurance - Charge of Benefits -
                             Waiver Due to Natural Disaster
 SB 1174   Sen Jennings      Public Health - Certificates of Birth - Births
                             Outside an Institution
 HB 82     Del Carr (Chr     Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Tunnel Compact - Repeal
           Jt Com on Fed
 HB 116    The Spkr (DLS)    Maryland Ins Admin - Sunset Review - Required Rpts
                             and Repeal of Preliminary Evaluation Requirement
 HB 117    The Spkr (DLS)    Elevator Safety Review Board - Sunset Extension,
                             Program Evaluation, and Reporting Requirement
 HB 173    Del Arentz, et    Baltimore Metropolitan Council - Queen Anne's
           al                County - Membership
 HB 180    Del Morhaim,      Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Renaming
           et al
 HB 212    Del               Consumer Protection - Credit Report Security
           Waldstreicher,    Freezes - Prohibition on Fees and Required Notices
           et al
 HB 291    Del Davis         Homeowner's Insurance - Notices
 HB 324    Del Korman, et    State Personnel - Leap Year - Personal Leave
 HB 446    Cha Co Deleg      Charles County - Collective Bargaining for Public
           (By Request)      Safety Officials
 HB 451    Del Cluster       Insurance - Bail Bondsmen - Continuing Education
 HB 457    Charles County    Charles Co - State's Attorney's Office and Child
           Delegation        Support Enfrcmt Admin - Transfer of Prsnl
 HB 505    Del McMillan      Maryland Tourism Development Board - Destination
                             Marketing Organization Officials - Voting Rights
 HB 511    Del Jameson,      Public Utilities - Water Companies and Sewage
           et al             Disposal Companies - Rate Cases and Proceedings
 HB 514    Del Jameson,      Energy Efcy Programs - Calculation of Program
           et al             Savings and Consideration of Cost-Effectiveness
 HB 524    Del Jacobs        Public Health - Required Temperatures for Sale of
                             Crab Meat - Repeal
 HB 534    Del Parrott,      Railroad Grade Crossings - Exempt Highway-Rail
           et al             Grade Crossing Plaque
 HB 565    Carroll County    Carroll County - Detention Center - Polygraph
           Delegation        Testing
 HB 605    Washington        PenMar Development Corporation - Dissolution -
           County            Authority of Washington County Over Fort Ritchie
 HB 631    The Spkr (Atty    Public Health - Essential Off-Patent or Generic
           Gen Ofc), et al   Drugs - Price Gouging - Prohibition
 HB 675    Del Sample        Health Insurance - Coverage for Digital
           Hughes, et al     Tomosynthesis
 HB 718    Del Carey         Financial Institutions - Qualifications of
                             Directors of Commercial Banks - Residency
 HB 800    Del Adams, et     Insurance Premiums - Payment by Credit Card -
           al                Reimbursement for Expenses
 HB 999    Del Davis         Public Utilities - Telephone Lifeline Service -


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 1037   Sen Ramirez       Hlth Care Malpractice Qualified Expert - Lim on
                             Testimony in Personal Injr Claims - Rpl
 SB 1187   Sen Cassilly,     Criminal Procedure - Life Without Parole - Repeal
           et al             of Sentencing Proceeding
 HB 81     Del Morhaim,      Estates and Trusts - Conditions of Disability and
           et al             Incapacity - Confinement
 HB 333    Del C. Howard     Motor Vehicles - Aggressive Driving
 HB 701    Dels Krimm and    Procurement - Lease of Prprty for Lcl Depts of Scl
           K. Young          Srvcs - Requests for Proposals
 HB 889    Del Stein         Vehicle Laws - HOV Lanes - Tow Trucks
 HB 926    Del McComas,      Child Support - Health Insurance - Definition
           et al
 HB 1046   Del Holmes        Residential Property - Foreclosure Process -
                             Filing Requirements - Mediation Procedures
 HB 1150   Dels McMillan     Vehicle Laws - Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles
           and Folden
 HB 1334   Del A.            State Highway Administration - Traffic Control
           Washington,       Devices - Decorative Treatments
           et al
 HB 1456   Del Parrott       Vehicle Laws - Passing to the Right - Use of


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.


                                 9:00 A.M.

 Work Session

                                 9:45 A.M.

 Work Session

                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 307    The Pres          Maryland Open Transportation Investment Decision
           (Admin), et al    Act - Application and Evaluation
                             (Jointly assigned to APP and ENV)
 SB 353    Sen Guzzone       Optional Retirement Program - Annuity Contracts -
           (Chr Jt Com on    Employee Rights
 SB 401    Sen Guzzone       State Retirement and Pension System - Membership
           (Chr Jt Com on    Elections
 SB 424    Sen Rosapepe,     The Textbook Cost Savings Act of 2017
           et al
 SB 484    Sen Madaleno,     Maryland Transit Administration - Farebox Recovery
           et al             Rate - Repeal
                             (Jointly assigned to APP and ENV)
 SB 515    Sen Peters, et    Collective Bargaining - Firefighters - Martin
           al                State Airport
 SB 631    Sen Madaleno,     Criminal Law - Animal Abuse Emergency Compensation
           et al             Fund - Establishment

 NOTE: Crossfiled Senate Bills will be sponsor only.


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 8      Chr FIN (Dept)    Insurance - Risk Management and Own Risk and
                             Solvency Assessment Act
 SB 15     Chr FIN (Dept)    Insurance - Charitable Gift Annuities - Special
                             Permit Holders - Required Financial Statements
 SB 19     Chr FIN (Dept)    Insurance - Surplus Lines Insurers, Surplus Lines
                             Brokers, and Reinsurers
 SB 31     Chr FIN (Dept)    Title Insurance - Rate Making - Use of Rating
                             Organizations for Filings
 SB 40     Chr FIN (Dept)    Title Insurance Producers - Licensing of Business
                             Entities and On-Site Reviews
 SB 281    Sen Ready, et     Alcoholic Beverages - Definition of Beer - Hard
           al                Cider
 SB 289    Sen Middleton,    Maryland Insurance Administration - Rate Making
           et al             for Automobile and Homeowner's Insurance


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 12     Sen Ramirez,      Vehicle Laws - Obstruction Hanging From Rearview
           et al             Mirror - Enforcement
 SB 25     Chr FIN (Dept)    Maryland Transit Administration - Transit Service
                             - Contracted Taxicab Service
 SB 34     Chr B&T (Dept)    Motor Vehicles - Leased Vehicles - Inspections,
                             Insurance, and Excise Tax
 SB 45     Chr JPR (Dept)    Motor Vehicle Administration - Driving Instructors
                             - Criminal History Records Checks
 SB 78     Sen Rosapepe      Vehicle Laws - School Crossing Guards - Authority
                             to Direct Traffic
 SB 86     Sen Norman        Motor Vehicles - Use of Fog Lights When Windshield
                             Wipers Operating - Repeal
 SB 98     Sen Reilly        Railroad Grade Crossings - Exempt Highway-Rail
                             Grade Crossing Plaque
 SB 125    Sen Feldman       Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Tunnel Compact - Repeal
 SB 154    Sen King, et      Vehicle Laws - School Bus Monitoring Cameras -
           al                Civil Penalty
 SB 265    Sen Feldman,      Washington Metrorail Safety Commission Membership
           et al             Act
 SB 299    Sen Waugh         Motor Vehicle Registration - Exception for Golf
                             Carts - Golden Beach Patuxent Knolls

                                 3:00 P.M.

 Motor Vehicle & Transportation Subcommittee Work Session

 Local Government & BiCounty Agencies Subcommittee Work Session


Changes made to schedule through addenda

                                 1:00 P.M.

 Health and Government Operations Hearing
 Schedule Update:

      - SB 571 (Sponsor only)

                  *Room 240*

                                 11:30 A.M.

 Government Operations and Estates and Trusts
 Subcommittee Work Session:

      - HB 919
      - HB 1165

                 *Room 240*

                                 2:30 P.M.

 Insurance Subcommittee Work Session:

      - HB 909
      - SB 571

                  *Room 240*

End of schedule changes

                                 11:00 A.M.

 Public Health and Minority Health Disparities
 Subcommittee Work Session:

      - SB 38
      - SB 110

                  *Room 218*

                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 48     Chr FIN (Dept)    Health Ins - Medicare Supplement Policies for Dual
                             Eligible Individuals - Open Enrollment Period
 SB 61     Sen Mathias,      Health Insurance - Coverage for Digital
           et al             Tomosynthesis
 SB 96     Sen Reilly, et    Health Insurance - Coverage for Fertility
           al                Awareness-Based Methods
 SB 169    Sen Middleton,    Health - Cost of Emergency Room Visits to Treat
           et al             Dental Conditions - Study
 SB 240    Sen Robinson,     Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Abuser
           et al             Registry Workgroup Recommendations - Report
 SB 369    Sen Middleton,    Maryland Patient Referral Law - Comp Arrangements
           et al             Under Federally Approved Programs and Models
 SB 380    Sen Feldman,      Insurance - Short-Term Medical Insurance - Study
           et al
 SB 441    Sen Simonaire,    Veterans Affairs - Maryland Veterans Service
           et al             Animal Program - Establishment
 SB 814    Sen Rosapepe,     Pharmacists - Dispensing of Prescription Drugs -
           et al             Single Dispensing of Dosage Units
 SB 815    Sens Rosapepe     State Board of Pharmacy - Registered Pharmacy
           and Middleton     Technicians - Exemption for Pharmacy Students
 SB 857    Sens Smith and    State Government - Department of Veterans Affairs
           Waugh             - Veterans' Services Specialists
 SB 919    Sen Mathias,      President Jimmy Carter Cancer Treatment Access Act
           et al
 SB 968    Sen               Health Insurance - Coverage Requirements for
           Klausmeier, et    Behavioral Health Disorders - Modifications
 SB 997    Sen Conway        Pharmacists - Substitution and Dispensing of
                             Biological Products

 *Oral testimony by sponsor only for
 the following crossfiles:

      *61, 369, 380, 814, 815, 857
       919, 968, 997


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 26     Sen Kagan, et     Maryland False Claims Act - Municipal Corporations
 SB 35     Chr JPR (Dept)    Juvenile Law - Informal Adjustment - Mental Health
 SB 43     Chr JPR (Dept)    Juvenile Court Records - Disclosure
 SB 77     Sen Simonaire     Anne Arundel County and Harford County -
                             Courthouse Dog and Child Witness Pilot Program
 SB 83     Sen Kagan         Family Law - Divorce - Restoration of Former Name
 SB 308    The Pres          Child Abuse - Sex Trafficking (Protecting Victims
           (Admin), et al    of Sex Trafficking Act of 2017)


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 54     Sens Young and    Motor Fuel Tax - Aviation Gasoline - Definition
 SB 57     Sens DeGrange     Income Tax Credit - Class F Vehicles - Extension
           and Kasemeyer
 SB 108    Sen Simonaire     Prprty Tx Crdt - Erosion Ctrl Msrs - Nonstructural
                             and Structural Shoreline Stabilization
 SB 111    Sen McFadden      Recordation and Transfer Taxes - Exmptns -
                             Property Conveyed From Sole Proprietorship to LLC
 SB 130    Sen Simonaire     Election Law - Ballot Issues - Contributions or
                             Donations by Foreign Principals
 SB 261    Sen Bates, et     Property Tax Credit - Residential Property Damaged
           al                by Natural Disaster
 SB 297    Sen Waugh         St. Mary's County - Tax Exemptions - Repeal of
                             Local Provisions
 SB 389    Sen Hershey       Kent County - Property Tax Credit - Commerce Zones
 SB 423    Sen Pinsky, et    Elective Franchise - Registration and Voting at
           al                Polling Place
 SB 569    Charles County    Charles County - Property Tax Credit - Priority
           Senators          Funding Areas
 SB 592    Sen Edwards       Allegany County - Property Tax Credits - Community
                             Organizations and Lions Center
 SB 601    Sen Bates, et     Property Tax Credit - Elderly Individuals and
           al                Veterans - Eligibility
 SB 632    Sen Kagan, et     Election Law - Persons Doing Public Business -
           al                Reporting by Governmental Entities
 SB 753    Sen Guzzone       Tax Sales - Foreclosure of Right of Redemption -
                             Naming of Defendants
 SB 758    Sen Guzzone       Income Tax Credit - Energy Storage Systems
 SB 882    Sen Simonaire     Election Law - Campaign Signs at Polling Places


                                 1:00 P.M.      Conference Room 100
                                    to          Maryland Health Care Commission
                                 4:00 P.M.      4160 Patterson Avenue
                                                Baltimore, MD

   Subject:  Monthly Commission Meeting

March 28, 2017 3:55 P.M.