About Schedules

The weekly schedule is issued anew each Thursday and includes the dates, times, locations, and topics for meetings being held by committees of the General Assembly and other state government groups. Addenda to the weekly schedule are published as necessary.

Meetings are generally held in late morning or early afternoon.

During the legislative session standing committee meetings include:

  • Public hearings on all assigned legislation. Withdrawn legislation does not always receive a hearing.
  • Briefings on subject matters as determined by the chair from agencies and selected organizations.
  • Receiving testimony from sponsors and other parties supporting or opposing legislation
  • Reviewing the Governor’s nominees to cabinet positions, certain Judgeships, and various boards and commissions (Senate Executive Nominations Committee only)
  • Hearing agency representatives discuss the budgets of specific units of State government (Budget Committees only)
  • Receiving proposed amendments
  • Voting to approve or reject legislation

Between sessions, scheduled meetings continue the work of General Assembly committees and its task forces, commissions, and special issue workgroups.

Certain committees webcast their meetings live and recordings can be listened to or viewed on demand after the meeting has concluded. Prior schedules and addenda are available online and in printed format.

march 6, 2018



 3 West, Miller
           * Capital Maryland Department of Health
           * Capital University of Maryland Medical System
           * Capital Maryland Hospital Association
           * Capital Department of State Police
           * Capital Local Jails and Detention Centers
           * Capital Dept Public Safety and Correctional Services
           * Capital Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 358    Sen Ready, et     Environment - Bay Restoration Fee - Unimproved
           al                Property
 SB 873    Sen Zirkin        Constitutional Amendment - Right to Healthy
                             Environment and Communities
                             (Jointly assigned to EHE and JPR)
 SB 885    Sen Middleton     Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation
                             - Condemnation of Land Under Easement
 SB 911    Sen Waugh, et     Veteran Suicide Prevention - Comprehensive Action
           al                Plan
 SB 927    Sen Benson        Alarm Systems - Registration and Renewal -
 SB 929    Sen Benson        State Policies, Guidelines, and Regulations -
                             Mitigation of Disparate Impacts
 SB 958    Sen Edwards       Ntrl Rsrcs - Chspk and Atlantic Cstl Bays 2010
                             Trst Fnd - Purpose and Athrzd Use of Fnds
 SB 960    Sen Edwards       Md Hist Trst - Prprty Subject to Historic Prsrvtn
                             Esmnt - Application for Change or Alteration
 SB 1004   Sens Pinsky       Counties - Asset Transfer for High-Speed Trnsprtn
           and Peters        System - Hearing and Approval Requirements
 SB 1005   Sens Pinsky       Counties and Municipalities - Asset Transfer for
           and Peters        High-Speed Transportation System - Agreements
 SB 1006   Sen Pinsky        Sea Level Rise Inundation and Cstl Flooding -
                             Construction, Adaptation, Mitigation, and Dsclsr
 SB 1009   Sens Guzzone      Department of General Services - Bird-Safe Bldg
           and Conway        Standards (Maryland Bird-Safe Bldgs Act of 2018)
 SB 1029   Sen Madaleno,     Oil and Gas Drilling and Production - Restrictions
           et al
 SB 1030   Sen Hough         Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle Fund -
 SB 1045   Sen Kagan         State Government - Grants and Contracts -
                             Reimbursement of Indirect Costs


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 557    Sen Feldman       Public Utilities - Electric Generating Systems -
                             Net Metering and Community Solar Energy
 SB 603    Sen Edwards       Electricity - Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards
                             - Sources
 SB 691    Sen Jennings,     Electric Facilities - Condemnation - Conserved
           et al             Land
 SB 692    Sen Jennings,     Public Service Commission - Construction of
           et al             Overhead Transmission Lines - Location
 SB 695    Sen Jennings,     Elc - Condemnation of Prprty or Rghts for Overhead
           et al             Transmission Lines - PSC Approval
 SB 696    Sen Jennings,     Construction of Transmission Lines - Landowners -
           et al             Notification and Compensation
 SB 732    Sen Feldman,      Renewable Energy and Job Development
           et al
 SB 760    Sen Jennings      Land Use - Solar Elctrc Generating Facility Siting
                             - Prhbtn on Contiguous Parcels of Agrl Land
 SB 761    Sen Jennings      Public Utilities - Certificate of Public
                             Convenience and Necessity - Exclusion From Exmptn
 SB 879    Sen Feldman       Solar Energy Grant Program - Revisions
 SB 1058   Sen Hershey,      Renewable Energy - Offshore Wind Projects -
           et al             Distance Requirements


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 577    Sen Brochin,      Alcoholic Beverages - Prohibited Acts - Defense to
           et al             Prosecution for Sale to Underage Individuals
 SB 625    Sen Smith         Criminal Procedure - Medical Emergency - Immunity
 SB 661    Sen Lee           Law Enforcement - Federal Surplus Program -
                             Equipment Acquisition
 SB 669    Sens Brochin      Juvenile Law - Juvenile Diversion Program
           and Smith
 SB 720    Sen Lee           Interception of Oral Communication - Law
                             Enforcement Officer
 SB 721    Sen Lee           Criminal Procedure - Forfeiture Proceedings -
 SB 861    Sen Ferguson      Juvenile Law - Witnesses - Body Attachment
 SB 863    Sen Kelley, et    Juvenile Law - Juvenile Court Jurisdiction
 SB 907    Sen Waugh         Public Safety - Firearms Database
 SB 908    Sen Waugh, et     Partial Repeal of Firearms Safety Act of 2013
 SB 938    Sen Kelley        Criminal Procedure - Sentencing Guidelines -
                             Previously Adjudicated Delinquent
 SB 1013   Sen Ready         First Responders - Mandatory Autism Training


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.



 HB 331    St. Mary's        St. Mary's County - Public Facility Bonds
 HB 561    Del McCray, et    Office of Legislative Audits - Audits of the
           al                Baltimore City Police Department
 HB 609    Carroll County    Carroll County - Public Facilities Bonds
 HB 720    Allegany          Allegany County - Orphans' Court Judges - Pension
           County            Formula
 HB 725    Calvert County    Calvert County - Budget Changes - Publication and
           Delegation        Hearing Threshold
 HB 729    Calvert County    Calvert County - County Budget - Changes to
           Delegation        Adopted Budget
 HB 971    Del Lisanti,      Local Pension Systems - Special Disability
           et al             Retirement Allowance
 HB 1102   Calvert County    Calvert County - Bonding Authority - Enterprise
           Delegation        Fund
 HB 1213   Del McMillan,     Maryland 529 - Broker-Dealer College Investment
           et al             Plan - Required Establishment
 HB 1245   Del McKay, et     Task Force on the Canal Place Preservation and
           al                Development Authority
 HB 1259   Del McCray, et    Baltimore City - Police Department - Community
           al                Policing Funds
 HB 1321   Del Corderman     Washington County - Public Facilities Bonds
 HB 1354   Calvert County    Calvert County - Bonding Authority
 HB 1548   Del Anderson      Baltimore Cty - Cntng the Creating Opportunities
           (BCA)             for Rnwl and Enterprise (CORE) Prtnrshp Fnd
 HB 1624   Del Anderton,     Local Governments - Income Tax Disparity Grants -
           et al             Amounts


                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 98     The Spkr          Paid Leave Compromise Act of 2018
 HB 779    Dels Wivell       Maryland Healthy Working Families Act - Exemption
           and McKay         - Facility With On-Site Health Clinic
 HB 1262   Del Adams         Healthy Working Families Act - Enfrcmt - Mdfctns
                             (Healthy Working Families Enfrcmt Consistency Act)
 HB 1314   Del Adams         Healthy Working Families Act - Exmptns - Mdfctns
                             (Healthy Working Families Exmptn Equity Act)
 HB 1364   Del Ali           Md Healthy Working Families Act - Calculation of
                             Employees (Fair Sick Leave and Holiday Comp Act)
 HB 1417   Del McComas,      Healthy Working Families Act - Delay of Effective
           et al             Date
 HB 1421   Del Carozza,      Labor and Employment - Maryland Healthy Working
           et al             Families Act - Seasonal Worker Revisions


                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 1065   Del McMillan      Vehicle Laws - Title Service Agents
 HB 1257   Del Rosenberg     Residential Leases - Lease Option Agreements -
                             Required Statements
 HB 1263   Del Haynes, et    Foreclosed Property Registry - Duty to Inspect and
           al                Maintain Properties in Baltimore City
 HB 1329   Del Beidle        Landlord and Tenant - Action for Repossession of
                             Nonresidential Property - Service of Process
 HB 1390   Del Lafferty      Land Use - Development Rights and Responsibilities
 HB 1481   Del               Real Property - New Home Sales - Information on
           Fraser-Hidalgo,   Energy-Efficient Options
           et al
 HB 1556   Del Valentino     Public-Private Partnerships - Public Notice of
           Smith, et al      Solicitations and Approval of Agreements
 HB 1588   Del S. Howard,    Zoning Amendments - Energy Generation Systems
           et al
 HB 1593   Del Sample        Real Property - Mobile Home Parks - Lot Rent
           Hughes, et al     Increases
 HB 1608   Del Morgan, et    Real Property - Trust Money - Escrow Trust
           al                Accounts
 HB 1612   Del Rosenberg,    Real Property - Wrongful Detainer - Emergency
           et al             Hearing on Lease Agreement
 HB 1625   Del Miele         Elected and Public Officials - Crimes - Pension
                             Forfeiture (Clean Up Annapolis Act)
                             (Jointly assigned to ENV and APP)
 HB 1651   Del Wilkins       Local Jurisdictions - Housing - Sustainable
                             Communities - Comprehensive Plans

                                 3:00 P.M.

 Natural Resources, Agriculture & Open Space Subcommittee Work Session

 Land Use & Ethics Subcommittee Work Session


                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 851    Del Reznik        Medicaid and the Md Children's Health Program -
                             Home and Community-Based Prvdrs - Funding
 HB 992    Del Angel         Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission -
 HB 994    Del Barron        Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Family
                             Planning Services
 HB 1035   Del Glenn         Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission -
                             Certifying Providers - Referrals
 HB 1064   Dels West and     Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Home- and
           Kipke             Community-Based Waiver Services - Prhbtn on Denial
 HB 1113   Dels McMillan     Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Services for
           and Miele         Children With Prader-Willi Syndrome
 HB 1194   Del Pena          Health - Drug Cost Review Commission
           Melnyk, et al
 HB 1215   Del Pena          Nursing Homes - Partial Payment for Services
           Melnyk, et al     Provided
 HB 1218   Del Wivell        Washington County - Possession of Medical Cannabis
                             in Correctional Facilities - Prohibition
                             (Jointly assigned to HGO and JUD)
 HB 1280   Del Korman        Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Rare and
                             Expensive Case Mgt Program - Waiver Amendment
 HB 1288   Del Rey, et al    Medical Cannabis - Identification and Registration
                             Cards and Law Enforcement
 HB 1348   Del Valentino     Medical Cannabis - Advertising - Restrictions
           Smith, et al
 HB 1392   Del Lam, et al    Health - Emergency Evaluees and Involuntarily
                             Admitted or Committed Individuals - Procedures
 HB 1416   Del Saab          Drugs and Devices - Electronic Prescriptions -
 HB 1496   Del Glenn, et     Lbr & Emplmt - Dscrm Agst Mdcl Cnbs Ptnts & Crgvrs
           al                - Prhbtn (Mdcl Cnbs Ptnt & Crgvr Antdscrmntn Act)
 HB 1590   Del Corderman,    Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission -
           et al             Qualifying Patients - ID Cards and MVA Records
                             (Jointly assigned to HGO and ENV)
 HB 1668   Del Jalisi        Medical Cannabis - Certifying Providers - Written


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 919    Del Saab, et      HEARING CANCELED

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 29     Del Rey, et al    Firearms - Handgun Permit - Preliminary Approval
 HB 398    Del Saab, et      Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Applicant
           al                Qualifications
 HB 402    Del A. Miller,    Public Safety - Firearms Disqualifications -
           et al             Antique Firearm (Shade's Law)
 HB 466    Del Ali, et al    Baltimore City - Ammunition Sales - Record Keeping
 HB 534    Del Grammer,      Firearms - Right to Purchase, Own, Possess, and
           et al             Carry - Medical Cannabis (Patients' Rights Act)
                             (Jointly assigned to JUD and HGO)
 HB 636    Del Vogt, et      Bow Hunting - Possession of Handguns for
           al                Protection
 HB 647    Del Reilly, et    Public Safety - Permit to Carry, Wear, or
           al                Transport a Handgun - Qualifications
 HB 692    Del               Criminal Procedure - Right of Appeal - Unlawful
           Clippinger, et    Possession of Firearm
 HB 724    Western           Criminal Procedure - Forfeiture of Firearms - Sale
           Maryland          to Dealer
 HB 730    Del Mosby, et     Public Safety - Transfer of Handguns
 HB 739    Del Krebs, et     Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Application Fee
           al                Exemption
 HB 756    Del Mosby, et     Public Safety - Handguns - Trace Information
           al                Database
 HB 757    Del Mosby, et     Public Safety - Handguns Used in Crime - Trace
           al                Request
 HB 758    Del Szeliga,      Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Church or
           et al             Religious Organization Property
 HB 760    Del               Handguns - School Employees - Handgun Permits and
           Impallaria, et    Carrying Weapons on School Property
 HB 792    Del Malone, et    Firearms - Permit to Wear, Carry, or Transport a
           al                Handgun - Expiration and Renewal
 HB 813    Del Mosby, et     Public Safety - Community Program Fund - Firearm
           al                Laws
 HB 819    Del               Public Safety - Handgun Permit Review Board -
           Atterbeary, et    Repeal
 HB 825    Del Rey           Public Safety - Disqualifying Crime
 HB 890    Del Malone, et    Correctional Services - Parole Eligibility -
           al                Violent Crime Involving a Firearm
 HB 991    Balt City         Weapon Crimes - Detachable Magazines and Regulated
           Deleg (BCA)       Firearms - Possession
 HB 1029   Del Branch, et    Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting
           al                Handgun - Subsequent Offender
 HB 1031   Del Dumais, et    Public Safety - Regulated Firearms - Transfer
 HB 1145   Del Rey, et al    Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Issuance and
 HB 1184   Del Beitzel,      Criminal Law - Theft of a Firearm - Penalty
           et al
 HB 1189   Del Rey, et al    Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Protective Order
                             and Peace Order
 HB 1337   Del Rose, et      Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Active, Reserve,
           al                or Retired Military
 HB 1413   Del Saab, et      Handgun Permits - Firearms Training Courses
 HB 1431   Del Glass, et     Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Applicant
           al                Qualifications
 HB 1441   Del Glass         Firearms - Right to Purchase, Possess, and Carry -
                             Use of Medical Cannabis
                             (Jointly assigned to JUD and HGO)
 HB 1522   Del Morgan, et    Handgun Permits - Universal Recognition
 HB 1534   Dels S. Howard    Handgun Permits - Criminal History Check -
           and Ghrist        Fingerprint Submission Exception
 HB 1538   Del Glass, et     Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Scope
 HB 1551   Del S. Howard,    Public Safety - Assault Weapons - Replacements
           et al
 HB 1646   Del               Criminal Procedure - Firearms - Transfer
           Atterbeary, et
 HB 1659   Del Otto, et      Public Safety - Rifles and Shotguns - Purchases


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 1025   Dels Sanchez      State Lottery and Gaming Ctrl Commission - Video
           and Walker        Lottery Facilities - Rgltns Relating to Cheating
   MOVED                     From FEB 23, 1:00 PM to MAR 6, 1:00 PM

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 906    Del Flanagan      Income Tax - Itemized Deductions and Personal
 HB 1039   Del Turner, et    Income Tax - Itemized Deductions on State Income
           al                Tax Return
 HB 1146   Del Buckel, et    Income Tax - Rates and Itemized Deductions
 HB 1147   Del Wivell        Washington Co - Property Tax Credit for Disabled
                             Veterans - Min Percentage of Disability
 HB 1186   Howard County     Howard County - Property Tax Credit - Natural
           Delegation        Disaster Ho. Co. 09-18
 HB 1287   Del Moon, et      Election Law - Business Entity Campaign
           al                Contributions - Prohibition
 HB 1317   Dels Long and     Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Qualified
           Miele             Maryland Toll Expenses
 HB 1322   Del Buckel, et    Corporate Income Tax - Federal Repatriation
           al                Holiday
 HB 1326   Del Parrott,      Election Law - Voter Registration and Absentee
           et al             Voting - Proof of Citizenship
 HB 1434   Prince            Prince George's County - Property Tax Credit -
           George's County   Housing for Victims of Domestic Violence PG 432-18
 HB 1444   Del Flanagan      Election Law - Primary Elections - Voters Not
                             Affiliated With a Political Party
 HB 1445   Del Long          Homestead Prprty Tax Crdt - Calculation of Crdt
                             for Dwelling Purchased by First-Time Homeowner
 HB 1563   Del Parrott,      Election Law - Qualification of Voters - Proof of
           et al             Identity
 HB 1576   Dels McDonough    Elections - Heads of State Governmental Units -
           and Lisanti       Prohibition on Candidacy for Public Office
 HB 1648   Del A.            Declaration of Rights - Access to Information
 HB 1666   Del Malone, et    Small Business Personal Property Tax Relief Act of
           al                2018
 HB 1669   Del Jalisi        Baltimore County - Property Tax - Credit for
                             Individuals at Least 70 Years Old

February 23, 2018 1:52 P.M.