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This page accesses the Code of Maryland (Statutes) and the Maryland Municipal Charters and Resolutions as compiled and maintained by the Department of Legislative Services.

The Code is arranged by and organized into “Articles” (e.g. Transportation Article), which are further subdivided into “titles”, “subtitles”, “sections”, “subsections”, “paragraphs”, subparagraphs”, etc.

Note that the “official” compilation of the laws (Chapters) enacted at each session of the General Assembly is published by the State as the “Laws of Maryland”, commonly referred to as the “Session Laws”. The Session Laws for each session are compiled chronologically by chapter number and serve as the source law from which the statutes accessed here are derived.

While the “Laws of Maryland” (Session Laws) constitute the official laws of the State, this Code and the annotated versions noted below are accepted as “evidence” of the law in all State courts and by all public offices and officials (See § 10-201 of the Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article). However, in the event of a conflict between the Code and the Session Laws, the Session Laws prevail.

Note: Annotated versions of the Code, published by LexisNexis and West, are available in book and online formats. These Annotated Codes include references to case law, related citations, and explanatory notations.

The Municipal Charters are updated each year by incorporating all charter resolutions received by the Department through May 31 of that year. Individual Municipal Resolutions are published to the General Assembly website as they are received by the Department.

Statute Text

Article - Health - General
(a)   The Commission consists of the following 16 members:
(1)   The Secretary of Health, or the Secretary’s designee; and
(2)   The following 15 members, appointed by the Governor:
(i)   Two members of the public who support the use of cannabis for medical purposes and who are or were patients who found relief from the use of medical cannabis;
(ii)   One member of the public designated by the Maryland Chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence;
(iii)   Three physicians licensed in the State;
(iv)   One nurse licensed in the State who has experience in hospice care, nominated by a State research institution or trade association;
(v)   One pharmacist licensed in the State, nominated by a State research institution or trade association;
(vi)   One scientist who has experience in the science of cannabis, nominated by a State research institution;
(vii)   One representative of the Maryland State’s Attorneys’ Association;
(viii)   One representative of law enforcement;
(ix)   An attorney who is knowledgeable about medical cannabis laws in the United States;
(x)   An individual with experience in horticulture, recommended by the Department of Agriculture;
(xi)   One representative of the University of Maryland Extension; and
(xii)   One representative of the Office of the Comptroller.
(b)    (1)   The term of a member is 4 years.
(2)   The terms of the members are staggered as required by the terms provided for members on October 1, 2013.
(3)   At the end of a term, a member continues to serve until a successor is appointed and qualifies.
(4)   A member may not serve more than three consecutive full terms.
(5)   A member who is appointed after a term has begun serves only for the rest of the term and until a successor is appointed and qualifies.
(c)   The Governor shall designate the chair from among the members of the Commission.
(d)   A majority of the full authorized membership of the Commission is a quorum.
(e)   A member of the Commission:
(1)   May not receive compensation as a member of the Commission; but
(2)   Is entitled to reimbursement for expenses under the Standard State Travel Regulations, as provided in the State budget.
(f)   The Commission may employ a staff, including contractual staff, in accordance with the State budget.
(g)   The Commission may set reasonable fees to cover the costs of operating the Commission.
(h)    (1)   There is a Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission Fund.
(2)   The Commission shall administer the Fund.
(3)   The Fund is a special continuing, nonlapsing fund that is not subject to § 7–302 of the State Finance and Procurement Article.
(4)   The State Treasurer shall hold the Fund separately, and the Comptroller shall account for the Fund.
(5)   The Fund shall be invested and reinvested in the same manner as other State funds, and any investment earnings shall be retained to the credit of the Fund.
(6)   The Fund shall be subject to an audit by the Office of Legislative Audits as provided for in § 2–1220 of the State Government Article.
(7)   The Comptroller shall pay out money from the Fund as directed by the Commission.
(8)   The Fund consists of:
(i)   Any money appropriated in the State budget to the Fund;
(ii)   Any other money from any other source accepted for the benefit of the Fund, in accordance with any conditions adopted by the Commission for the acceptance of donations or gifts to the Fund; and
(iii)   Any fees collected by the Commission under this subtitle.
(9)   No part of the Fund may revert or be credited to:
(i)   The General Fund of the State; or
(ii)   Any other special fund of the State.
(10)   Expenditures from the Fund may be made only in accordance with the State budget.