May 26, 2004

The Honorable Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.
President of the Senate
State House
Annapolis, MD 21401

Dear Mr. President:

In accordance with Article II, Section 17 of the Maryland Constitution, I have today vetoed Senate Bill 610 - Municipal Corporations - Regulation of Junkyards , Dumps, and Other Facilities - Ordinances.

This bill authorizes the legislative body of a municipal corporation to adopt an ordinance for the licensing, control, location, or maintenance of specified junkyards, dumps, and other facilities; requiring ordinances to be designed to achieve specified purposes; authorizing an ordinance to prohibit the operation or maintenance of junkyards, dumps, or other facilities in a specified location until a license has been obtained; requiring the legislative body of a municipal corporation to give notice of a hearing on a proposed ordinance.

House Bill 890, which was passed by the General Assembly and signed by me on May 26, 2004, accomplishes the same purpose. Therefore, it is not necessary for me to sign Senate Bill 610.

Very truly yours,
Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.