Calendar Date: Apr 5, 2013 7:03 PM
SEQ NO. 1075
Legislative Date: Apr 1, 2013
In Chair: Mr. President
General Assembly of Maryland
Senate of Maryland
2013 Regular Session
Explanation of Motions & Actions
HB 669 Third Reading (HB) Calendar No.22
Del. Vaughn et al                    (FIN)
Business Regulation - Introduction of Additives
into Gasoline - Authorization
On Third Reading                              (Amend)
31 Yeas     13 Nays     2 Not Voting     0 Excused (Absent)     1 Absent
Voting Yea - 31
Mr. President Gladden Montgomery
Astle Jones-Rodwell Muse
Benson Kasemeyer Peters
Conway J King Pinsky
Currie Kittleman Pugh
DeGrange Klausmeier Ramirez
Dyson Madaleno Robey
Ferguson Manno Rosapepe
Forehand Mathias Young
Frosh McFadden Zirkin
Voting Nay - 13
Brinkley Jennings Reilly
Edwards Kelley Shank
Getty Middleton Simonaire
Glassman Pipkin Stone
Not Voting - 2
Brochin Raskin
Excused from Voting - 0
Excused (Absent) - 1