Calendar Date: Apr 7, 2016 12:08 PM
SEQ NO. 1096
Legislative Date: Apr 1, 2016
In Chair: Mr. President
General Assembly of Maryland
Senate of Maryland
2016 Regular Session
Explanation of Motions & Actions
HB 412 Third Reading (HB) Calendar No.37
Del. Kaiser et al                    (EHE)
Education - Assessments - Administration and
Provision of Information
On Third Reading
35 Yeas     11 Nays     0 Not Voting     0 Excused (Absent)     1 Absent
Voting Yea - 35
Mr. President Kasemeyer Peters
Astle Kelley Pinsky
Bates King Pugh
Benson Klausmeier Ramirez
Brochin Lee Raskin
Conway Madaleno Rosapepe
Currie Manno Simonaire
DeGrange Mathias Waugh
Feldman McFadden Young
Ferguson Middleton Zirkin
Guzzone Muse Zucker
Kagan Nathan-Pulliam
Voting Nay - 11
Cassilly Hough Reilly
Eckardt Jennings Salling
Edwards Norman Serafini
Hershey Ready
Not Voting - 0
Excused from Voting - 0
Excused (Absent) - 1