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Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, the Board may not issue a new license for an establishment whose entry is within 1,000 feet in a straight line from the entry of a place of worship or school.

    (b)    The prohibition against issuing a license in subsection (a) of this section does not apply to:

        (1)    the transfer of a license from the current license holder to a new license holder, unless the transfer would allow the sale of alcoholic beverages by another establishment within the 1,000–foot restriction;

        (2)    a nonprofit club or nonprofit organization;

        (3)    a restaurant that held a license at the time the restaurant was destroyed by fire, flood, windstorm, or other act of God, if a new place of worship or school has not been constructed within the 1,000–foot restriction;

        (4)    the issuance of a Class H beer and wine (on–sale) license or beer, wine, and liquor (on–sale) license;

        (5)    the issuance of a motel–restaurant complex or hotel–restaurant complex beer, wine, and liquor (on–sale) license;

        (6)    the issuance of a Class BLX (deluxe restaurant) (on–sale) beer, wine, and liquor license; or

        (7)    the issuance of a gift basket permit.

    (c)    For an establishment that is within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a place of worship or school, the Board:

        (1)    may renew a license;

        (2)    may extend the area of the licensed premises; but

        (3)    may not change the operational classification of an existing license, unless the change is from a Class B, Class C, or Class D license to a Class H license.

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