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Article - Agriculture


    (a)    There is a State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners in the Department.

    (b)    The Board has seven members, five of whom:

        (1)    Are licensed and registered veterinarians of the State;

        (2)    Are residents of the State;

        (3)    Have engaged in active practice for five years at some time;

        (4)    Are in good standing; and

        (5)    Are appointed and qualified.

    Of these five veterinarian members, at least two must have their practices predominantly for large animals. Two members of the Board shall not be veterinarians.

    (c)    The Governor shall appoint the members of the Board with the advice and consent of the Senate. Each appointment shall be made from a list of at least three names for each vacancy submitted to the Governor, or to the Governor-elect, by the Secretary.

    (d)    Each member serves a term of five years or until his successor is elected and qualified. A member is not eligible to serve for more than two full successive terms except as otherwise provided in this section. If any member ceases legally and physically to reside in the State, his office is vacant.

    (e)    The Governor shall remove any of the members for misconduct in office, incompetence, immorality, willful neglect of duty, or any cause which is a ground for revocation of a license to practice veterinary medicine in the State. The member may be removed only after reasonable notice and an opportunity for hearing is provided.

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