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Article - Agriculture


    (a)    A person may register with the Board as a veterinary technician.

    (b)    (1)    There is a Veterinary Technician Committee under the Board’s jurisdiction. The Committee consists of 7 members who are appointed by the Board, subject to the approval of the Secretary. The Board shall determine the qualifications and term of each member.

        (2)    Each member of the Committee may not receive compensation but is entitled to reimbursement for expenses under the Standard State Travel Regulations as provided in the State budget.

    (c)    The Committee, subject to the Board’s approval shall:

        (1)    Evaluate, examine, and determine the qualifications for applicants for registration as a veterinary technician;

        (2)    Recommend to the Board the subject, scope, form, date, time, and location for each examination;

        (3)    Establish continuing education requirements for veterinary technicians;

        (4)    Define the duties and responsibilities of registered veterinary technicians;

        (5)    Recommend to the Board reasonable rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this section; and

        (6)    Generally assist the Board in registering and regulating veterinary technicians.

    (d)    To apply for registration, an applicant shall:

        (1)    Submit an application to the Board on the form the Board requires; and

        (2)    Pay to the Board an application fee set by the Board.

    (e)    The Board shall register any applicant who:

        (1)    Meets the requirements of this section;

        (2)    Meets the Board’s educational requirements;

        (3)    Passes a Board approved examination;

        (4)    Is of good moral character; and

        (5)    Is at least 18 years old.

    (f)    A registration is issued for a term of 3 years and expires on June 30 of the third year after the date issued unless the registration is renewed as provided in this section.

    (g)    The Board shall renew the registration of any applicant for an additional 3-year term if the applicant:

        (1)    Submits a renewal application on the form that the Board requires;

        (2)    Pays to the Board a renewal fee set by the Board;

        (3)    Complies with the Board’s continuing education requirements; and

        (4)    Otherwise is entitled to be registered.

    (h)    In accordance with the hearing provisions of § 2-311 of this subtitle, the Board may refuse to register an applicant, suspend or revoke the registration, or reprimand and censure, or place on probation any veterinary technician, if the veterinary technician:

        (1)    Practices veterinary medicine except as permitted under this subtitle;

        (2)    Fraudulently or deceptively obtains a registration;

        (3)    Is professionally, physically, or mentally incompetent;

        (4)    Is convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude;

        (5)    Is convicted of a violation of any federal or State law relating to narcotic drugs;

        (6)    Is grossly negligent or deliberately cruel to an animal;

        (7)    Violates any provisions of this subtitle; or

        (8)    Is determined by the Board to be incompetent as a veterinary technician.

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