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Article - Business Regulation


    (a)    An innkeeper may refuse to provide lodging or services to or may remove from a lodging establishment an individual who:

        (1)    refuses to pay or is unable to pay for lodging or services;

        (2)    while on the premises of the lodging establishment is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substance so as to create a public nuisance;

        (3)    while on the premises is disorderly so as to create a public nuisance;

        (4)    destroys, damages, or defaces property of the lodging establishment or its guests, or threatens to do so;

        (5)    the innkeeper reasonably believes is using the lodging establishment for the unlawful possession or use of a controlled dangerous substance in violation of Title 5 of the Criminal Law Article or for the consumption of alcohol by an individual under the age of 21 years in violation of § 6–304, § 6–307, § 6–308, or § 6–309 of the Alcoholic Beverages Article;

        (6)    the innkeeper reasonably believes possesses property that may be dangerous to other individuals, such as firearms or explosives; or

        (7)    refuses to abide by any conspicuously posted rule or policy of the lodging establishment.

    (b)    (1)    If an innkeeper seeks to remove an individual from a lodging establishment as provided under this section, the innkeeper shall:

            (i)    notify the individual, either orally or in writing, that the lodging establishment refuses to provide further lodging or services to the individual and that the individual should immediately leave the lodging establishment; and

            (ii)    if the individual has paid for lodging or services in advance, refund any unused portion of the advance payment, but the lodging establishment may withhold payment for a full day’s lodging if the individual was lodged for a portion of a day.

        (2)    If an individual attempts to remain in a lodging establishment after having been requested to leave under the provisions of this section, an innkeeper may:

            (i)    if the individual is a guest, lock the door of the individual’s room;

            (ii)    remove the individual’s baggage and other personal property; and

            (iii)    using no more force than necessary, eject the individual from the lodging establishment.

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