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Article - Business Regulation


    (a)    Subject to the hearing provisions of § 7–309 of this subtitle, the Board may reprimand a licensee or suspend or revoke a license if the licensee or any owner, director, officer, member, partner, or agent of the licensee:

        (1)    makes any material misstatement in an application for a license;

        (2)    is convicted under the laws of the United States or of any state of:

            (i)    a felony; or

            (ii)    a misdemeanor that is directly related to the fitness and qualification of the person to engage in the collection agency business;

        (3)    in connection with the collection of any consumer claim:

            (i)    commits any fraud; or

            (ii)    engages in any illegal or dishonest activities;

        (4)    knowingly or negligently violates the Maryland Consumer Debt Collection Act; or

        (5)    fails to comply with a lawful order that the Board passes under this title.

    (b)    If the Board finds that a ground for suspension or revocation of a license applies to more than 1 place of business that the licensee operates, the Board may act against:

        (1)    each license of the licensee; or

        (2)    only the licenses to which the ground applies.

    (c)    In determining whether to reprimand a licensee or to suspend or revoke a license for a reason described in subsection (a)(2) of this section, the Board shall consider:

        (1)    the nature of the crime;

        (2)    the relationship of the crime to the activities authorized by the license;

        (3)    with respect to a felony, the relevance of the conviction to the fitness and qualification of the licensee to engage in the collection agency business;

        (4)    the length of time since the conviction; and

        (5)    the behavior and activities of the licensee since the conviction.

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