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Article - Correctional Services


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    (1)    “Absconding” means willfully evading supervision.

        (2)    “Absconding” includes leaving an inpatient residential treatment facility that an individual was placed in under a court order for drug or alcohol treatment without the permission of the administrator, as defined in § 8–101 of the Health – General Article.

        (3)    “Absconding” does not include missing a single appointment with a supervising authority.

    (c)    “Commission” means the Maryland Parole Commission.

    (d)    “Crime of violence” has the meaning stated in § 14–101 of the Criminal Law Article.

    (e)    “Criminal risk factors” means an individual’s characteristics and behaviors that:

        (1)    affect the individual’s risk of engaging in criminal behavior; and

        (2)    are diminished when addressed by effective treatment, supervision, and other support services, resulting in a reduced risk of criminal behavior.

    (f)    “Director” means the Director of the Division or the Director’s designee.

    (g)    “Division” means the Division of Parole and Probation.

    (h)    “Mandatory supervision” has the meaning stated in § 7–101 of this article.

    (i)    “Offender” means an individual on parole or under mandatory supervision.

    (j)    “Parolee” means an individual who has been released on parole.

    (k)    “Program” means a home detention program established under § 6–108 of this subtitle.

    (l)    “Risk and needs assessment” means an actuarial tool validated on the State’s correctional population that determines:

        (1)    an individual’s risk of reoffending; and

        (2)    the criminal risk factors that, when addressed, reduce the individual’s risk of reoffending.

    (m)    “Technical violation” means a violation of a condition of probation, parole, or mandatory supervision that does not involve:

        (1)    an arrest or a summons issued by a commissioner on a statement of charges filed by a law enforcement officer;

        (2)    a violation of a criminal prohibition other than a minor traffic offense;

        (3)    a violation of a no–contact or stay–away order; or

        (4)    absconding.

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