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Article - Economic Development


    The Department shall administer the State’s economic development and financial assistance programs and funds including:

        (1)    the BRAC Revitalization and Incentive Zone Program, under Subtitle 13 of this title;

        (2)    the Enterprise Fund, under Subtitle 6 of this title;

        (3)    the Enterprise Zones Program, under Subtitle 7 of this title;

        (4)    the Make Office Vacancies Extinct Program, under Subtitle 15 of this title;

        (5)    the Maryland Economic Adjustment Fund, under Subtitle 2 of this title;

        (6)    the Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority and Fund, under Subtitle 3 of this title;

        (7)    the Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority, under Subtitle 4 of this title;

        (8)    the Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority, under Subtitle 5 of this title;

        (9)    the Appalachian Regional Development Program, under Title 13, Subtitle 1 of this article;

        (10)    jointly with the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Community Development Block Grant for Economic Development;

        (11)    the Regional Institution Strategic Enterprise Zone Program under Subtitle 14 of this title; and

        (12)    any other programs or funds designated by statute, the Governor, or the Secretary.

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