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Statutes Text

Article - Education


    (a)    The State of Maryland assents to the federal acts.

    (b)    The State Treasurer shall:

        (1)    Be the custodian of any money received under the federal acts; and

        (2)    Disburse this money in accordance with the federal acts.

    (c)    The State Board of Education shall:

        (1)    Cooperate with the appropriate federal agencies in administering the federal acts;

        (2)    Do anything necessary to secure the benefits of the federal acts;

        (3)    Facilitate the transfer of federal funds to the appropriate operational entity including the Maryland Department of Labor; and

        (4)    Represent this State in all matters relating to the administration of the federal acts.

    (d)    The State Board of Education shall be the sole State agency responsible for the administration of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.

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