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Article - Family Law


    (a)    A court order under this subtitle is enforceable in the same manner and to the same extent as any other order of an equity court in this State.

    (b)    If an individual fails to make a support payment ordered under this subtitle, the individual shall be served with an order that directs the individual to show cause why that individual should not be held in contempt.

    (c)    (1)    The court shall issue a warrant for the arrest of any individual who:

            (i)    fails to appear in response to a show–cause order served on the individual under this section; or

            (ii)    cannot be served with the show–cause order.

        (2)    A warrant issued under this subsection shall be issued as provided in § 5–1014 of this subtitle.

    (d)    If the court finds that an individual has failed to make a support payment ordered under this subtitle while having the means to pay, the court:

        (1)    shall find the individual guilty of civil contempt; and

        (2)    may order the individual imprisoned until the individual complies with the support order or otherwise purges the contempt.

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