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Statutes Text

Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    (1)    The Board may place a licensee on inactive status, if the licensee submits to the Board:

            (i)    An application for inactive status on the form required by the Board; and

            (ii)    The inactive status fee set by the Board.

        (2)    The Board shall issue a license to an individual who is on inactive status if the individual is otherwise entitled to be licensed under this title and submits to the Board:

            (i)    Satisfactory evidence of compliance with the continuing education requirements the Board adopts for this purpose;

            (ii)    A reinstatement fee set by the Board;

            (iii)    A licensure affidavit;

            (iv)    Federation of boards certification of good standing;

            (v)    The response to an inquiry to the national Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank;

            (vi)    History of malpractice cases;

            (vii)    Proof of out-of-state practice preceding the request for reinstatement that is sufficient to demonstrate current clinical proficiency, as specified in regulations adopted by the Board; and

            (viii)    Proof of passing the Ethics-Jurisprudence Examination as administered by the Board within the last licensing cycle preceding the individual’s reinstatement application.

        (3)    The Board shall reinstate the license of a podiatrist who has been on inactive status and who does not meet the requirements of paragraph (2)(vii) of this subsection, if the podiatrist meets the continuing medical education requirements prescribed by the Board.

    (b)    The Board shall reinstate the license of a podiatrist who has been on inactive status and who has failed to renew the license for 1 licensing cycle or a 2-year period, whichever is longer, for any reason, if the podiatrist:

        (1)    Meets the renewal requirements of § 16-307(c) through (f) of this subtitle and subsection (a) of this section;

        (2)    Pays to the Board all past-due renewal fees and the reinstatement fee set by the Board; and

        (3)    Meets the requirements for obtaining a new license under this subtitle.

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