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Statutes Text

Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    Except as otherwise provided in this section, an individual shall be licensed or registered by the Board before the individual may practice psychology as a psychologist or psychology associate in this State.

    (b)    A registered psychology associate may practice psychology in this State only if:

        (1)    The registered psychology associate is supervised by a licensed psychologist in accordance with regulations adopted by the Board;

        (2)    The supervising licensed psychologist is jointly responsible for the provision of psychological services by the registered psychology associate; and

        (3)    The registered psychology associate does not use any title other than “registered psychology associate”.

    (c)    Subject to the rules and regulations of the Board, this section does not apply to:

        (1)    The activities and services of and the use of an official title by an individual employed by any agency of the federal government, this State, or any political subdivision of this State, or a chartered educational institution while performing the duties of that employment;

        (2)    The education–related services described in regulations adopted by the State Department of Education that are performed by a certified school psychologist:

            (i)    While performing the duties of employment of the certified school psychologist; or

            (ii)    While conducting staff development and training workshops for compensation;

        (3)    The activities and services of a student, intern, resident or fellow while pursuing a supervised course of study in psychology that the Board approves as qualifying training and experience under this title; and

        (4)    The activities and services of an individual licensed or certified as a psychologist in any state who recently has become a resident of this State and has an application for a license approved by the Board, provided that the individual passes the first scheduled examination for which the applicant is eligible.

    (d)    If, for good cause, an applicant for a license under subsection (c)(4) of this section is unable to take the first scheduled examination for which the applicant is eligible, the Board may grant an extension to the individual to take the next scheduled examination for which the applicant is eligible.

    (e)    The Board may authorize an unlicensed individual to practice psychology, subject to any limitations the Board imposes, if:

        (1)    The Board finds that the circumstances warrant; and

        (2)    The individual:

            (i)    Is not a resident of this State; and

            (ii)    Meets the qualifications, other than residence and examination, for a license.

    (f)    (1)    The exceptions of subsection (c)(1) of this section do not apply to individuals who are employed by the Department, a county health department, the Baltimore City Health Department, the Department of State Police, or the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services after July 1, 1985.

        (2)    An individual who is employed by any of the departments under this subsection on July 1, 1985 but who is not licensed by the Board shall function under the direct supervision of a licensed psychologist who takes full responsibility for the psychological services provided by the individual.

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