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Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    A license expires on the date set by the Board, unless the license is renewed for an additional term as provided in this section. A license may not be renewed for a term longer than 2 years.

    (b)    At least 1 month before the license expires, the Board shall send to the licensee, at the last known electronic or physical address of the licensee, a renewal notice that states:

        (1)    The date on which the current license expires;

        (2)    The date by which the renewal application must be received by the Board for the renewal to be issued and mailed before the license expires; and

        (3)    The amount of the renewal fee.

    (c)    Each licensee shall notify the Board of any change in the address of the licensee within 60 days after the change occurs.

    (d)    Before the license expires, the licensee periodically may renew it for an additional 2–year term, if the licensee:

        (1)    Otherwise is entitled to be licensed;

        (2)    Pays to the Board the appropriate renewal fee specified by this subtitle;

        (3)    Submits to the Board:

            (i)    A renewal application on the form that the Board requires; and

            (ii)    Satisfactory evidence of compliance with any continuing education requirement set under this section for license renewal; and

        (4)    Beginning in calendar year 2023 and except as provided in subsection (g)(3) of this section, attests that the licensee has submitted to a State and national criminal history records check in accordance with § 19–302.2 of this subtitle.

    (e)    (1)    Subject to subsection (g) of this section, the Board shall renew the license of each licensee who meets the requirements of this section.

        (2)    The Board shall maintain the same information on each licensee.

    (f)    The Board may not renew a bachelor social worker license or a master social worker license of a licensee who holds a baccalaureate degree or master’s degree from a program that was a candidate for accreditation but was denied accreditation.

    (g)    (1)    On receipt of the criminal history record information of an applicant for licensure forwarded to the Board in accordance with § 19–302.2 of this�subtitle, in determining whether disciplinary action should be taken, based on the criminal record information, against a licensee who renewed a license, the Board shall consider:

            (i)    The age at which the crime was committed;

            (ii)    The nature of the crime;

            (iii)    The circumstances surrounding the crime;

            (iv)    The length of time that has passed since the crime;

            (v)    Subsequent work history;

            (vi)    Employment and character references; and

            (vii)    Any other evidence that demonstrates whether the applicant poses a threat to the public health or safety.

        (2)    The Board may renew a license only if the licensee attests that the licensee has submitted to a criminal history records check under §�19–302.2 of this subtitle.

        (3)    Unless otherwise required, a renewal applicant who previously has completed the criminal history records check as required for the Board’s license renewal application process does not have to submit to a subsequent criminal history records check for license renewal.

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