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Statutes Text

Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    The Board may license, as appropriate, an individual:

        (1)    To practice chiropractic; or

        (2)    To practice chiropractic with the right to practice physical therapy.

    (b)    Except as otherwise provided in this title, an individual shall be licensed by the Board before the individual may practice chiropractic in this State.

    (c)    A chiropractor who holds a license to practice chiropractic with the right to practice physical therapy may practice chiropractic and physical therapy in this State.

    (d)    This section does not apply to:

        (1)    A student of chiropractic while under the direct supervision of a licensed chiropractor engaged in an educational program:

            (i)    Sponsored by a college accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education; and

            (ii)    Approved by the Board; or

        (2)    An individual licensed to practice chiropractic in any other state or a foreign country while that individual makes a clinical demonstration before:

            (i)    A chiropractic association;

            (ii)    A chiropractic convention; or

            (iii)    A chiropractic college.

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