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Article - Land Use


    (a)    In this section, “planning commission” includes a planning commission or board established under:

        (1)    Title 2 of this article;

        (2)    Division II of this article; or

        (3)    Title 10 of the Local Government Article.

    (b)    On or before July 1 of each year, a planning commission shall prepare, adopt, and file an annual report for the previous calendar year with the legislative body.

    (c)    The annual report shall:

        (1)    index and locate on a map any changes in development patterns that occurred during the period covered by the report, including:

            (i)    land use;

            (ii)    transportation;

            (iii)    community facilities patterns;

            (iv)    zoning map amendments; and

            (v)    subdivision plats;

        (2)    state whether the changes under item (1) of this subsection are consistent with:

            (i)    each other;

            (ii)    the recommendations of the last annual report;

            (iii)    the approved plans of the local jurisdiction;

            (iv)    the approved plans of all adjoining local jurisdictions; and

            (v)    the approved plans of State and local jurisdictions that have responsibility for financing or constructing public improvements necessary to implement the local jurisdiction’s plan;

        (3)    contain statements and recommendations for improving the planning and development process within the local jurisdiction;

        (4)    state which local laws or regulations have been adopted or changed to implement the visions in § 1–201 of this subtitle as required under § 1–417 of this title or § 3–303 of this article;

        (5)    contain the measures and indicators required under § 1–208(c) of this subtitle; and

        (6)    at least once within the 5–year period after the adoption or review by the local jurisdiction of a comprehensive plan under Part II of Subtitle 4 of this title or under Title 3 of this article, contain a narrative on the implementation status of the comprehensive plan, including:

            (i)    a summary of the development trends contained in the previous annual reports filed during the period covered by the narrative;

            (ii)    the status of comprehensive plan implementation tools such as comprehensive rezoning to carry out the provisions of the comprehensive plan;

            (iii)    identification of any significant changes to existing programs, zoning ordinances, regulations, financing programs, or State requirements necessary to achieve the visions and goals of the comprehensive plan during the remaining planning timeframe;

            (iv)    identification of any State or federal laws, regulations, or requirements that have impeded local implementation of the comprehensive plan and recommendations to remove any impediments;

            (v)    future land use challenges and issues; and

            (vi)    a summary of any potential updates to the comprehensive plan.

    (d)    The legislative body shall review the annual report and direct that any appropriate and necessary studies and other actions be undertaken to ensure the continuation of a viable planning and development process.

    (e)    The local jurisdiction shall make the annual report available for public inspection.

    (f)    (1)    The local jurisdiction shall mail a copy of the report to the Secretary of Planning.

        (2)    The Department of Planning may comment on the report.

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