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Statutes Text

Article - Natural Resources


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    (1)    “Coast Smart” means a construction practice in which preliminary planning, siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of a structure or highway facility avoids or minimizes future impacts associated with coastal flooding and sea level rise inundation.

        (2)    “Coast Smart” includes design criteria and siting criteria that are applicable throughout the entire life cycle of a project.

    (c)    “Council” means the Coast Smart Council.

    (d)    “Design criteria” means standard specifications related to the shape, size, or form of a construction practice.

    (e)    “Freshwater” means water with a total dissolved–solid concentration of less than 1,000 mg/L.

    (f)    “Highway facility” has the meaning stated in § 3–101(f) of the Transportation Article.

    (g)    “Nuisance flooding” means high–tide flooding that causes public inconvenience.

    (h)    (1)    “Replacement cost” means, at the time of reconstruction, the cost of reconstructing a structure and its surrounding property to full use with materials of the same kind and quality as the original materials.

        (2)    “Replacement cost” does not include:

            (i)    The value of the land on which a structure is located; or

            (ii)    For tax purposes, a deduction for depreciation.

    (i)    (1)    “Saltwater intrusion” means the movement of water with a total dissolved–solid concentration greater than or equal to 1,000 mg/L to freshwater.

        (2)    “Saltwater intrusion” includes saltwater intrusion into surface water, aquifers, and soils.

    (j)    “Sea level rise inundation” means the inundation of land from a sea level rise of 2 feet, as determined by the Council.

    (k)    “Siting criteria” means specifications related to the location or use of a structure or highway facility.

    (l)    “Structure” means:

        (1)    A walled or roofed building;

        (2)    A manufactured home; or

        (3)    A gas or liquid storage tank that is principally above ground.

    (m)    “Substantial damage” means damage caused by any source that is sustained by a structure such that the cost of reconstruction to its before–damaged condition is at least half of the structure’s replacement cost before the damage occurred.

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