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Statutes Text

Article - State Government


    (a)    (1)    Each unit of the State government shall have a program for the continual, economical, and efficient management of the records of the unit.

        (2)    The program shall include procedures for:

            (i)    the security of the records;

            (ii)    the establishment and revision, in accordance with the regulations, record retention and disposal schedules to ensure the prompt and orderly disposition of records, including electronic records, that the unit no longer needs for its operation;

            (iii)    the maintenance of inventories of records series that are accurate and complete; and

            (iv)    the transfer of permanent records to the custody of the Archives.

    (b)    Each head of a unit of State government shall designate, from among the unit’s executive staff, a records officer for the unit to:

        (1)    serve as liaison to the Division and the Archives; and

        (2)    develop and oversee the program.

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