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Statutes Text

Article - State Government


    Except as expressly provided in § 10–619 of this subtitle, this Part III of this subtitle does not authorize:

        (1)    the destruction of a permanent book of account;

        (2)    the destruction of a land record of a clerk of a circuit court;

        (3)    the destruction of any record that relates to the financial operation of a unit of the State government or to collection of State taxes until the requirements of §§ 2–1220 through 2–1227 of this article are met;

        (4)    the destruction of any record until the expiration of the period that a statute expressly sets for that record to be kept;

        (5)    the destruction of any public record that a statute expressly requires to be kept permanently; or

        (6)    the destruction of any record of a court of record unless:

            (i)    the destruction is authorized under § 1–605(d)(6) or § 2–205 of the Courts Article;

            (ii)    an accurate transcript of the record is in use; or

            (iii)    the record relates to the internal management of or otherwise is a housekeeping record for an office of a clerk of court or register of wills.

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