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Article - State Personnel and Pensions


    An individual shall have immediate vesting rights on taking office in the State system in which the individual is a member if the individual is the:

        (1)    secretary of a principal department of the Executive Branch of State government as provided under § 8–201 of the State Government Article;

        (2)    Executive Director of the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission;

        (3)    Adjutant General of the Military Department;

        (4)    Chair of the State Board of Contract Appeals;

        (5)    Chair of the Public Service Commission;

        (6)    Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Commission;

        (7)    Chief Administrative Law Judge of the Office of Administrative Hearings;

        (8)    Director of the Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution Office;

        (9)    Director of the Maryland Energy Administration;

        (10)    Director of the Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing;

        (11)    Director of the Office of Homeland Security;

        (12)    Director of the Office of Performance Improvement;

        (13)    Director of the State Department of Assessments and Taxation;

        (14)    Director of the State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency;

        (15)    Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Community and Crime;

        (16)    Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services;

        (17)    Executive Director of the State Retirement Agency;

        (18)    Insurance Commissioner of the Maryland Insurance Administration;

        (19)    Special Secretary of the Office of Small, Minority, and Women Business Affairs;

        (20)    State Archivist; or

        (21)    State Prosecutor of the State Prosecutor’s Office.

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