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House Agenda for Proceedings No. 32

February 26, 2015
Introductory House Bills No. 39
HB 1207
Delegate Anderson
Rules and Executive Nominations
Public Health - Forensic Laboratories - Regulation
HB 1208
Delegate Hixson
Rules and Executive Nominations
Public Schools - Health and Safety - Food Transparency
HB 1209
Delegate Hixson
Rules and Executive Nominations
Education - Health and Safety - School Wellness Committees
HB 1210
Delegate Cassilly
Rules and Executive Nominations
Public Safety - Maryland Building Performance Standards - Adoption, Implementation, and Enforcement of Modifications
HB 1211
Delegate Korman
Rules and Executive Nominations
State Budget - Board of Public Works - Notice of Reductions in Appropriations
HB 1212
Delegate Valentino-Smith
Rules and Executive Nominations
Creation of a State Debt - Prince George's County - Champ House
HB 1213
Delegate Miele
Rules and Executive Nominations
State Finance and Procurement - One Maryland Blue Ribbon Commission
February 26, 2015
Message from the Senate: Introductory Senate Bills No. 11
Senate Bills Introduced In The House
SB 71
Senator Edwards
Ways and Means
County Superintendents of Schools - Reappointment Exemption in Washington County and Recruitment Recommendations
SB 174
Senator Eckardt
Health and Government Operations
Behavioral Health Administration - Behavioral Health Advisory Council
SB 220
Health and Government Operations
General Assembly - Mandated Reports by State Agencies
SB 241
Senator Astle
Health and Government Operations
Health Insurance - Coverage for Ostomy Equipment and Supplies - Required
House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee Report No. 2 Consent No. 2
Distribution Date: February 26, 2015
Second Reading Date: February 26, 2015
HB 1172
To Health and Government Operations Chair, Health and Government Operations Committee
Individuals With Developmental Disabilities - Providers - Licenses
HB 1182
To Appropriations Chair, Appropriations Committee
Academic Facilities Bonding Authority
HB 1188
To Judiciary Chair, Judiciary Committee
Maryland Capitol Police of the Department of General Services
February 25, 2015
Calendar of Third Reading House Bills No. 4
To Be Taken Up On February 26, 2015
HB 7
Delegate Sophocleus
Family Law - Child Abuse and Neglect - Expungement of Reports and Records - Time Period
HB 40
Delegate Rosenberg
Courts - Certificate of Merit - Provider of Professional Services
HB 131
Chair, Judiciary Committee
Criminal Procedure - Transfer to Juvenile Court - Petition for Expungement
HB 140
Delegate Davis
Economic Matters
Public Service Commission - Restrictions After Service
HB 154
Delegate Davis
Economic Matters
Maryland Home Builder Registration Act - Guaranty Fund - Claims
HB 165
Delegate Dumais
Family Law - Grounds for Limited Divorce
HB 200
Delegate Cluster
State Correctional Facilities - Correctional Officers - Polygraph Examination
HB 223
(Emergency Bill)
Delegate Hammen
Economic Matters
Pilots - Recreational Vessels - Employment Requirement

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February 27, 2015 10:15 AM
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