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Calendar Date: Mar 2, 2016 11:47 AM
SEQ NO. 200
Legislative Date: Mar 2, 2016
Presiding: Speaker Busch
General Assembly of Maryland
Maryland House of Delegates
2016 Regular Session
Explanation of Motions & Actions
HB 27 Special Orders
Del. Haynes                          (APP)
Education - Community Colleges - Collective
Favorable with amendments adp - ON 2ND RDG
FLA Del. O'Donnell /883626/1
51 Yeas     83 Nays     3 Not Voting     1 Excused (Absent)     3 Absent
Voting Yea - 51
Adams Cluster Jacobs McDonough Rey
Afzali Fisher Jameson McKay Rose
Anderton Flanagan Kipke McMillan Saab
Arentz Ghrist Kittleman Metzgar Sample-Hughes
Aumann Glass Krebs Miele Shoemaker
Beitzel Grammer Long Miller, W. Vogt
Bromwell Hornberger Malone O'Donnell West
Buckel Howard, S. Mautz Otto Wilson, B.
Carozza Impallaria McComas Parrott Wilson, C.
Cassilly Jackson McConkey Reilly Wivell
Voting Nay - 83
Speaker Busch Conaway Hettleman Luedtke Sanchez
Anderson Cullison Hill McCray Smith
Angel Davis Hixson McIntosh Sophocleus
Atterbeary Dumais Holmes Miller, A. Stein
Barkley Ebersole Howard, C. Moon Sydnor
Barnes, B. Fennell Jalisi Morales Tarlau
Barnes, D. Fraser-Hidalgo Jones Morhaim Turner
Barron Frick Kaiser Patterson Valderrama
Barve Frush Kelly Pena-Melnyk Valentino-Smith
Beidle Gaines Knotts Pendergrass Vallario
Branch Gilchrist Korman Platt Vaughn
Brooks Glenn Kramer Proctor Waldstreicher
Carey Gutierrez Krimm Queen Washington, A.
Carr Hammen Lafferty Reznik Washington, M.
Carter Hayes Lam Robinson, B. Young, K.
Chang Haynes Lierman Robinson, S. Young, P.
Clippinger Healey Lisanti
Not Voting - 3
Oaks Simonaire Walker
Excused from Voting - 1
Excused (Absent) - 3
Folden Rosenberg Szeliga
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