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Statutes Text

Article - Election Law


    (a)    (1)    A local board may participate in the Program.

        (2)    A participating local board shall implement or use components of the page training program developed by the State Board under § 10–402(c)(1) of this subtitle.

        (3)    A participating local board may request from the State Board a waiver from a requirement established under this subtitle.

    (b)    Each participating local board shall:

        (1)    be responsible for the staffing of and implementation of a page training program;

        (2)    ensure each page receives the required training before election day; and

        (3)    encourage individuals at least 16 years old who apply to the Program to train as an election judge.

    (c)    An individual may not work as a page in a polling place unless the individual has completed the training provided by the local board.

    (d)    Each participating local board, in collaboration with the local school system, shall establish a procedure for the selection of pages by the local board.

    (e)    Each participating local board may recognize and certify community service hours for pages.

    (f)    This section does not require a local board to participate in the Program.

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