Judicial Proceedings Committee (2/22/2019)

Meeting Items

Number Title Sponsor Status
SB0561 Criminal Law – Homicide – Fetus (Laura and Reid’s Law) Sen Ready, et al Completed
SB0568 Crimes - Child Abuse and Neglect - Failure to Report Sen Lee Completed
SB0622 Office of the Attorney General - Crime Firearms - Study Sen Carter Completed
SB0672 Criminal Injuries Compensation Board - Compensation to Claimants Sen West Completed
SB0689 Criminal Law - Labor Trafficking (Anti-Exploitation Act of 2019) Sen Lee, et al Completed
SB0690 Criminal Law - Human Trafficking and Prostitution Offenses Sen Lee, et al Completed
SB0793 Community Safety and Strengthening Act Sen Hayes (BCA) Completed
SB0811 Criminal Procedure - Family Law Services for Sustained Safety Fund Sens Smith and Zucker Completed