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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0687 - Agriculture - Cost-Sharing Program - Fixed Natural Filter Practices

Environment and Transportation 2/25/2020 1:00:00 PM
As of: 11/29/2020 8:27:41 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Stein, Delegate Stein FAV Stein Testimony HB 687 ENT
Porter, Holly DPI UNF HB687_DPI_UNF_HPorter ENT
Ballentine, Tom NAIOP FAV HB687_NAIOP_FAV_TBallentine ENT
Shirk, Cassie MDA INFO HB 687 MDA Legislative Comment ENT
Thompson, Lindsay MASCD UNF 20 MASCD HB687 Natural Filters ENT
Schnabel, Rob Chesapeake Bay Foundation FAV CBF_ROB-SCHNABEL_FAV_HB0687 ENT
Barnet, Mary Kathern Open Book Farm FAV Open Book farm_MKBarnet_FAV_HB 687 ENT
Glen, Greg Rocklands Farm FAV Oral Testimony Only ENT
Matanoski, Vince Ladybrook Farm FAV ladybrook_matanoski_FAV_HB 687 ENT
Vaughn, Carrie Future Harvest FAV futureharvest_carrievaughn_support_hb687 ENT
Sewell, Craig SMADC FAV Oral Testimony Only ENT
Johnson, Dale University of Maryland FAV UMD_DaleJohnson_support_HB687 ENT
Gordon, Ellen Sugarloaf Citizens Associations FAV sugarloaf_ellengordon_support_hb 687 ENT
Fisher, Erik Chesapeake Bay Foundation FAV Oral Testimony Only ENT
Kramer, Daniel Sweetbay FAV SweetBay_Daniel Kramer_Support_HB 687 ENT
Fry, Matt Fair Hill Farms FAV Matt Fry_Support_HB 687 ENT
Tulkin, Josh Maryland Sierra Club FAV HB687_MD Sierra Club_FAV_Josh Tulkin ENT
Hill, Trey Harborview Farms FAV Harborview Farms_Trey Hill_Support_HB 687 ENT
Kalm, Shelby Fair Farms FAV Fair Farms_Kalm_Support_687 ENT
Gifford, Judy St. Brigids Farm FAV stbrigids_judygifford_FAV_HB 687 ENT
Alexandro, Ben MDLCV FAV MDLCV_Ben Alexandro_FAV_HB 687 ENT
Zhang, Lynne Fair Farms FAV Oral Testimony Only ENT