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As of: 3/28/2020 6:19:35 AM
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Created: 2/24/2020 1:01 PM
Government Operations and Health Facilities Subcommittee - Bill Hearing
11:00 AM - House Office Building, Room 240, Annapolis, MD
Del Mosby

State House Trust - Lawyer's Mall - Thurgood Marshall Memorial Statues
Del Korman, et al

State Government – Open Meetings – Requirements and Application of Open Meetings Act (Maryland State Agency Transparency Act)

Created: 2/10/2020 3:19 PM
Health and Government Operations Committee - Bill Hearing
1:00 PM - House Office Building, Room 240, Annapolis, MD
Del Barron

Health - Maryland Children's Service Animal Program - Establishment
Del Queen, et al

Health Occupations - Primary Care Providers - Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening
Del Queen, et al

Workgroup on Screening Related to Adverse Childhood Experiences
Del Bagnall

Health – Mental and Emotional Disorders – Consent (Mental Health Access Initiative)
Del Hill, et al

Health - Health and Wellness Standards - Correctional Facilities and Health Care Facilities
(Jointly assigned to Health and Government Operations\Judiciary)
Del Pena-Melnyk, et al

Public Health - Maternal Mortality and Morbidity - Implicit Bias Training and Study
Del Guyton, et al

State Coordinator for Autism Strategy and Advisory Stakeholder Group on Autism-Related Needs
Del Cullison

State Department of Education and Maryland Department of Health - School-Based Health Centers - Ombudsmen
(Jointly assigned to Health and Government Operations\Ways and Means)
Del Charkoudian, et al

Public Health - Cottage Food Product Labels - Identification Number
Del Pippy, et al

Public Health - Substance-Related Disorder Services (Maryland Patient Protection and Treatment Ethics Act)
Del Acevero, et al

Sickle Cell Trait Screening, Treatment, Education, and Public Awareness (Journey's Law)
Del Pena-Melnyk, et al

Maryland Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Registry and Referral System
Del P. Young, et al

Public Health - Health Care Professionals - Cultural Competency Coursework or Training
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