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As of: 6/2/2020 10:49:29 AM
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Created: 2/11/2020 9:46 AM
Ways and Means Committee - Bill Hearing
1:00 PM - House Office Building, Room 130, Annapolis, MD
Del Ebersole, et al

Building Lifelong Library Learners Act
Del Wilson

Education - Health and Safety of Students - Notification of Problematic Sexual Behavior
Del Wilson

Education - Child Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Prevention - Hiring Emergent Employees
Del D.M. Davis, et al

Education - Alternative Schools - Reporting Requirements
Del Wilkins, et al

Education - Physical Restraint and Seclusion - Guidelines and Reporting
Del Grammer

County Boards of Education - Payment Data - Disclosures
Del Valentino-Smith, et al

Public Schools - Student Meal Programs and Meal Charge Policies
Del Wilkins, et al

County Boards and Public and Nonpublic Prekindergarten Programs and Schools – Discrimination – Prohibition
Del Hornberger, et al

Education - Home-Based Instructional Days - Establishment
Del Guyton

Public Schools - Special Education Classrooms - Use of Video Recording Devices
Del Cain, et al

County Boards of Education - Pregnant and Parenting Students - Policies and Reports
Del Ivey

Education - Teacher Certification - Montessori Schools
Del Hill

Youth Sports Programs - Registrations, Personnel, and Policy Information - Requirements
Del Hill

Youth Sports Safety Advisory Commission
(Added - 2/18/2020 11:26 AM)
Del Turner, et al

Education - Students With Traumatic Brain Injury - Reports
(Removed - 2/14/2020 3:17 PM)
Del Bagnall

Anne Arundel County - Board of Education Budget - Equity Category
(Removed - 2/25/2020 12:13 PM)
Dels Washington and Ivey

Public Schools - Applicants for Employment - Race and Gender Information
(Removed - 2/26/2020 10:45 AM)