Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg

2018 Regular Session

District 41, Baltimore City

Past House Service
2017Chair, Government Operations and Long Term Care Subcommittee of the Health and Government Operations Committee
2013-2017Judiciary Committee
2015-2017Chair, Civil Law and Procedure Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee (Member 2013-)
2015-2017Criminal Justice Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee
2011-2017, 2002, 1988-1992Spending Affordability Committee
2015-2017House Committee on Rules & Executive Nominations
2011-2013Vice Chair, Ways and Means Committee
2011-2013Chair, Vice Chair’s Subcommittee of the Ways and Means Committee
2007-2011House Vice Chair, Joint Committee on Health Care Delivery and Financing
2006-2011Joint Committee on Access to Mental Health Services
2005-2011Civil Law and Procedure Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee
2004-2011Vice Chair, Judiciary Committee
1996-2014Joint Committee on Welfare Reform
1993-2011Joint Committee on Health Care Delivery and Financing
2007House Workgroup to Study Maryland Law regarding Access to Firearms and Sharing of Health ###Information
1999-2006Joint Audit Committee
2003-2005Assistant Majority Leader
2003-2004Health and Government Operations Committee
2003-2004Chair, Public Health Subcommittee of the Health and Government Operations Committee
1999-2003House Chair, Joint Audit Committee
1996-2003House Chair, Joint Committee on Welfare Reform
2004-2014House Committee on Rules and Executive Nominations
1995-2003Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review
1995-2003Chair, Health and Human Resources Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee
1993-2003Oversight Committee on Personnel of the Appropriations Committee
1992-2003Capital Budget Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee
1983-2003Appropriations Committee
2002Joint Committee on the Selection of the State Treasurer
2001Special Committee on Gaming
1993-1998Special Joint Committee on Pensions
1996-1997Special Joint Committee on Competitive Taxation and Economic Development
1993-1994Chair, Health and the Environment Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee
1991House Chair, Joint Expenditure Study Group on Education and Human Resources
Public Service
2014-State Early Childhood Advisory Council
2014-2015Governor's Task Force to Ensure Retirement Security for all Marylanders
2013-2014Task Force to Study Implementing a Civil Right to Counsel in Maryland
2012-2013Task Force to Study the Renovation and Repair Needs of Senior Homeowners
2011-State Advisory Council on Administrative Hearings
2008Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment
2003-2004Task Force on Child Welfare System Accountability
2000-2004State Information Technology Board
1996-2002Museum Assistance Review Panel
2000-2001Special Commission to Study Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Maryland
2000, 1996, 1988Delegate, Democratic Party National Convention
1999Oversight Committee on the Administration of the HealthChoice Program
1999Task Force to End Smoking in Maryland
1997-1998Commission on Inadvertent Displacement
1996-1997Maryland Housing Policy Commission
1990-1996Peabody Institute Oversight Committee
1990Task Force to Study Incentive Awards Program for State Employees
1983-1987Commission on Hereditary Disorders
1980-1981Mayor's Task Force for Liaison with General Assembly, Baltimore City
Liaison Workgroup, Baltimore City Delegation
Task Force on Welfare Reform Reauthorization, National Conference of State Legislatures
Past Vice Chair, Human Services and Welfare Committee, National Conference of State Legislatures
Past Member, Maryland State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
New Democratic Coalition
Westside, Hampden and Dolfield Democratic Clubs
Democratic Leadership Council
Common Cause
Jewish Historical Society
Planned Parenthood of Maryland
Action for the Homeless
Baltimore Jewish Community Relations Council
Past Board Member, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Past Board Member, Citizens Planning and Housing Association
2016The Casper R. Taylor, Jr. Founder's Award, House of Delegates
2012Legislator of the Year Award, Maryland Access to Justice Commission
2001Michaeline R. Fedder, Legislator of the Year Award, Maryland Public Health Association
Biographical Information
Born in Baltimore, Maryland, May 18, 1950
Baltimore City College
Amherst College, B.A., Political Science, 1972
Columbia University Law School, J.D., 1975
Producer and Assistant to Program Manager, “Square Off” , WJZ-TV, 1976-79
Program Administrator, Housing Authority of Baltimore City, 1975-76, 1979-81
Executive Director, Homeless Persons Representation Project, 1989-90
Adjunct Professor, University of Baltimore and University of Maryland Schools of Law, 1990-
Former Legislative Assistant, Capitol Hill
Member, Bolton Street Synagogue

April 20, 2018 2:11 P.M.