About Schedules

The weekly schedule is issued anew each Thursday and includes the dates, times, locations, and topics for meetings being held by committees of the General Assembly and other state government groups. Addenda to the weekly schedule are published as necessary.

Meetings are generally held in late morning or early afternoon.

During the legislative session standing committee meetings include:

  • Public hearings on all assigned legislation. Withdrawn legislation does not always receive a hearing.
  • Briefings on subject matters as determined by the chair from agencies and selected organizations.
  • Receiving testimony from sponsors and other parties supporting or opposing legislation
  • Reviewing the Governor’s nominees to cabinet positions, certain Judgeships, and various boards and commissions (Senate Executive Nominations Committee only)
  • Hearing agency representatives discuss the budgets of specific units of State government (Budget Committees only)
  • Receiving proposed amendments
  • Voting to approve or reject legislation

Between sessions, scheduled meetings continue the work of General Assembly committees and its task forces, commissions, and special issue workgroups.

Certain committees webcast their meetings live and recordings can be listened to or viewed on demand after the meeting has concluded. Prior schedules and addenda are available online and in printed format.

february 12, 2018


                                 5:00 p.m.

   Subject: The following nominees are scheduled to appear for

       Financial Regulation
          Antonio P. Salazar, Esq., Howard County, District 9

       Community Health Resources Commission, Maryland
          Erica I. Shelton, M.D., Baltimore City, District 46

       Contract Appeals, Maryland State Board of
          Michael J. Stewart, Jr., Esq., Carroll County, District 5

       Education, State Board of
          Justin M. Hartings, Ph.D., Washington County, District 2
          Michael D. Phillips, Baltimore County, District 10
          David M. Steiner, Ph.D., Baltimore City, District 43

       Handgun Roster Board
          George D. Mathias, Baltimore County, District 42
          Melanye V. Smith, Charles County, District 28
          Michael O. Twigg, Esq., Allegany County, District 1

       Health Care Commission, Maryland
          Elizabeth A. Hafey, Esq., Baltimore City, District 46
          Gerard S. O'Connor, Kent County, District 36
          Candice A. Peters, M.D., Prince George's County, District 23
          Cassandra B.Y. Tomarchio, Harford County, District 34
          Marcus Li Wang, Baltimore County, District 11

       Judicial Disabilities, Commission on
          Michael W. Reed, Baltimore City, District 43

       Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, State
          Michelle R. Fager, Esq., Worcester County, District 38
          E. Randolph Marriner, Howard County, District 9

       Metrorail Safety Commission, Washington
          John M. Constestabile, Carroll County, District 5
          Debra Farrar-Dyke, Prince George's County, District 25

       Morgan State University Board of Regents
          Harold A. Carter, Jr., Baltimore City, District 40
          Hamidah O. Famuditimi, Baltimore County, District 11

       Professional Standards and Teacher Education Board
          Linda M. Chinnia, Baltimore City, District 43

       Public Service Commission
          Minday Herman, Esq., Anne Arundel County, District 31
          Odogwu O. Linton, Esq., Baltimore County, District 44

       Racing Commission, State
          Tammy Lynne Lafferty, Esq., Calvert County, District 27

       Retirement and Pension Systems, Board of Trustees for the
          Maryland State
          Michael J. Stafford, Jr., Baltimore County, District 11

       University System of Maryland Board of Regents
          Katrina J. Dennis, Esq., Baltimore County, District 11
          William Shorter, Anne Arundel County, District 31

       Baltimore City Board of License Commissioners
          Elizabeth A. Hafey, Baltimore City, District 46

       Baltimore City Community College, Board of Trustees for
          John Carroll Weiss, III, Baltimore City, District 43

   Subject: The following nominees are not required to appear for

       Apprenticeship and Training Council
          Edwin A. Cluster, Jr., Baltimore County, District 5

       Architects, State Board of
          Douglas J. Polt, Harford County, District 7

       Assistive Technology Loan Program Board of Directors
          Sama Bellomo, Baltimore City, District 46
          Linda Meinders Webb, Baltimore City, District 46
          Edward H. Willard, Jr., Anne Arundel County, District 30

       Budget of the State Workers' Compensation Commission, Advisory
          Committee on the
          Nathan J. Cavey, Jr., Howard County, District 9

       Certified Interior Designers, State Board of
          Michael A. Daly, Montgomery County, District 14

       Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
          Steven H. Levin, Esq., Baltimore County, District 11

       Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Maryland Advisory Council for the
          Maryl Lynn Lally, Frederick County, District 4
          Brian Tayler Mayer, Montgomery County, District 18
          Karunya Samuel, Anne Arundel County, District 21
          Victoria L. Wilkins, Frederick County, District 3

       Elections, State Board of
          Patrick J. Hogan, Anne Arundel County, District 30

       Environmental Health Specialists, State Board of
          Bruce A. Bowman, Ph.D., Anne Arundel County, District 30
          Ann C. Rose, St. Mary's County, District 29

       Fire-Rescue Education and Training Commission
          Kevin L. Lewis, Washington County, District 2

       Food Center Authority, Maryland
          Gail P. Yeiser, Anne Arundel County, District 33

       Handgun Roster Board
          Ira M. Click, Frederick County, District 3
          Gail Fleming Golden, Anne Arundel County, District 21

       Indian Affairs, Commission on
          Sherry L. Ayers, Baltimore City, District 41
          Claude A. Bowen, Howard County, District 13

       Infants and Toddlers, Interagency Coordinating Council for
          Natalie H. Nelson, Baltimore County, District 11

       Marine Contractors Licensing Board
          Andrew R. Hanas, Queen Anne's County, District 36
          Andrew J. May, Anne Arundel County, District 21
          Christopher P. McCabe, Wicomico County, District 37
          Robert C. Murtha, Jr., Queen Anne's County, District 36
          Milton A. Rehbein, III, Baltimore County, District 7
          Joshua W. Schleupner, Wicomico County, District 37
          Douglas F. Suess, Baltimore County, District 42

       Maryland Legal Services Corporation Board of Directors
          Aileen M. Eskildsen, CPA, Carroll County, District 5

       Police Training and Standards Commission, Maryland
          Matthew G. Alonsozana, Howard County, District 9
          Troy D. Berry, Charles County, District 28
          William M. Crabbs, Harford County, District 34

       Racing Commission, State
          Ernest R. Grecco, Carroll County, District 5

       Veterans' Home Commission, Maryland
          Andrew H. Anderson, Talbot County, District 37
          Rodney S. Azama, Montgomery County, District 14
          Thomas Lee Davis, Worcester County, District 37
          Gary Douglas Knight, St. Mary's County, District 29

       Washington Suburban Transit Commission
          Michael F. Goldman, Montgomery County, District 16

       Youth Camp Safety, Advisory Council on
          Monika Piccardi, Baltimore City, District 45
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February 13, 2018 3:46 P.M.